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Anita Diamant
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What becomes of Rachel?
(a) She continues on to become a famous midwife
(b) She dies giving birth to Benjamin
(c) She disowns Leah as a sister
(d) She loses her beauty as she ages

2. Who does DInah call the women who work for Rebecca?
(a) The Werenros
(b) The Rebeccas
(c) The Deborahs
(d) The Elizabeths

3. What happens while DInah is on her honeymoon?
(a) Levi visits the King and is treated grandly
(b) Jacob visits the King and is treated poorly
(c) Jacob visits the King and is treated grandly
(d) Levi visits the King and is treated poorly

4. Why are Jacob's sons against the match?
(a) They do not want to be associated with royalty because they will never surpass it
(b) They are not against it, they cannot wait to be related to royalty
(c) Jacob is overwhelmed by the King
(d) Levi and Simon wish they would have married a princess

5. Why do Egyptians seek out the Cannanite woman named Dinah?
(a) Dinah is very beautiful
(b) They know she is the reason Shechum was destroyed
(c) They hear of her midwife expertise
(d) They learn she is the mother of Re-mose

6. What do Jacob's sons demand happen to the men of Shechum?
(a) They request that a new palace be built for Dinah's family
(b) They demand that all the men get circumcised
(c) They request to live in the palace
(d) They demand part of the citizens' tax money

7. Why is Jacob mad in My Story, Chapter 6?
(a) Dinah yells at her father and disrespects him
(b) He has heard about their Red Tent rituals and disapproves
(c) Joesph ran away
(d) His wives disobey him

8. What is Meryt's profession?
(a) lady's maid
(b) midwife
(c) nanny
(d) clothes washer

9. Who is sent to retrieve Rebecca from Dinah?
(a) Rachel
(b) Reuben
(c) Leah
(d) Joesph

10. In this chapter, how does DInah defy her mothers?
(a) She refuses to pass on the ways of Mamre
(b) She cuts off all contact with them
(c) She does not come to their aid when they are sick
(d) She curses the ways of Mamre

11. Why is there an attempt made on Dinah's life?
(a) She helps in a delivery where the baby and mother die
(b) Dinah speaks poorly of Eygptians
(c) People learn she is Re-mose's mother
(d) Someone discovers who her family is

12. How does Shalem make Dinah his bride?
(a) He sleeps with her
(b) He proposed marriage to her
(c) He asks her father for her hand in marriage
(d) He carries her to the altar against her will

13. Which is a reason that Dinah and her son are kept apart?
(a) Re-nefer refuses to let them spend any time together
(b) Dinah moves away while he is a baby
(c) She is a lowly midwife and he is an educated prince
(d) Dinah's son does not know who his birth mother is

14. Why does DInah continue to feel distant from her son?
(a) He has gone away to school
(b) He pretends that he does not know her
(c) She feels ashamed to be his mother
(d) Re-nefer has forced them apart by telling Re-mose bad things about his mother

15. Where does Re-mose go to school?
(a) Cairo
(b) Alexandria
(c) Giza
(d) Memphis

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dinah's curse complete?

2. Why does Dinah now hate the camp?

3. How long does Dinah stay at Mamre?

4. What does this chapter reveal about Re-mose?

5. Who does Dinah specifically call out when she returns to her father's people?

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