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Anita Diamant
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Dinah move to at the beginning of the chapter?
(a) Luxor
(b) Siwah
(c) Valley of the Kings
(d) Cario

2. What does Dinah's curse complete?
(a) The demise of the house of Mamre
(b) The end of her mothers
(c) The rule of Hamor
(d) The death of her old life in the tribe of Jacob

3. Who does Dinah specifically call out when she returns to her father's people?
(a) Jacob
(b) Reuben
(c) Simon and Levi
(d) Leah

4. How long does it take for Dinah and Benia to be reunited?
(a) three months
(b) three years
(c) three weeks
(d) two years

5. What does Dinah's admirer give her?
(a) a bracelet
(b) a ring
(c) a treasure box
(d) a jewelry box

6. Why does Dinah hate Egypt?
(a) Re-nefer brought her there without her consent.
(b) Because it is foreign to her
(c) Egyptian people are very rude to her
(d) Because she wants to stay in Shechum

7. In this chapter, how does DInah defy her mothers?
(a) She refuses to pass on the ways of Mamre
(b) She does not come to their aid when they are sick
(c) She cuts off all contact with them
(d) She curses the ways of Mamre

8. Who does Dinah meet in the marketplace?
(a) Benia
(b) Nakht-re
(c) Re-mose
(d) Kar

9. Where does Dinah go to deliver the baby?
(a) Thebes
(b) Luxor
(c) Giza
(d) Rosetta

10. What do Jacob's sons demand happen to the men of Shechum?
(a) They demand that all the men get circumcised
(b) They request to live in the palace
(c) They demand part of the citizens' tax money
(d) They request that a new palace be built for Dinah's family

11. What does this chapter reveal about Re-mose?
(a) He wishes to avenge his father
(b) He is envious of Zafenat Paneh-ah
(c) He actually loves his mother
(d) He is very self centered

12. Why has Benia tracked down Dinah?
(a) She owes him money
(b) He wants her to become his wife
(c) He needs a good midwife to help with the delivery of a baby
(d) Benia wishes to kill DInah

13. Why does Dinah now hate the camp?
(a) Her brothers tease her
(b) It seems flithy compared to Rebecca's Mamre
(c) She is annoyed with Joseph
(d) She is sick of her mothers nagging her

14. What is Meryt's profession?
(a) clothes washer
(b) midwife
(c) nanny
(d) lady's maid

15. What has changed about Issac since Jacob last saw him?
(a) Issac is now blind
(b) He is dying
(c) Issac has lost a leg
(d) He has lost all of his hair

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Benia do when Dinah originally refused his attentions?

2. What does Dinah name her baby?

3. Who brings Dinah back to Re-nefer?

4. What happens to Zilpah?

5. Why does Dinah hate Rebecca?

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