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Anita Diamant
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is happening physically and mentally to Dinah?
(a) She is acting childish
(b) She is becoming a woman
(c) She is angered by everyone around her
(d) She feels very emotional

2. Why is Dinah's pregnancy difficult?
(a) She goes into childbirth unexpectedly
(b) Dinah is severly depressed
(c) Dinah falls while pregnant
(d) The baby is turned in the wrong position in the womb

3. What did Benia do when Dinah originally refused his attentions?
(a) He traveled abroad
(b) He remained unmarried
(c) Benia focused on his carpentrey
(d) He married a young slave girl

4. What does this chapter reveal about Re-mose?
(a) He actually loves his mother
(b) He is envious of Zafenat Paneh-ah
(c) He wishes to avenge his father
(d) He is very self centered

5. Why does Dinah hate Egypt?
(a) Egyptian people are very rude to her
(b) Because she wants to stay in Shechum
(c) Re-nefer brought her there without her consent.
(d) Because it is foreign to her

6. What does Dinah's curse complete?
(a) The death of her old life in the tribe of Jacob
(b) The demise of the house of Mamre
(c) The end of her mothers
(d) The rule of Hamor

7. Upon her return to her father's camp, who is Dinah angry with?
(a) Zilpah
(b) Rachel
(c) Jacob
(d) Leah

8. Why is there an attempt made on Dinah's life?
(a) Dinah speaks poorly of Eygptians
(b) She helps in a delivery where the baby and mother die
(c) People learn she is Re-mose's mother
(d) Someone discovers who her family is

9. What does Dinah's admirer give her?
(a) a ring
(b) a jewelry box
(c) a bracelet
(d) a treasure box

10. Why is DInah bothered by Re-nefer?
(a) Dinah cannot deal with Re-nefer's depression
(b) Re-nefer does not allow Dinah to grieve for Shalem
(c) She forces Dinah to work all the time
(d) Dinah feels as though Re-nefer is using her

11. What is Meryt's profession?
(a) lady's maid
(b) midwife
(c) clothes washer
(d) nanny

12. What happens to Zilpah?
(a) She becomes a great oracle
(b) She dies of fever
(c) She dies in childbirth
(d) She leaves the camp to wonder by herself

13. Who does Dinah meet in the marketplace?
(a) Re-mose
(b) Kar
(c) Benia
(d) Nakht-re

14. Who out of Jacob's wives does Rebecca disapprove of?
(a) Rachel
(b) Leah
(c) Zilpah
(d) Bilhah

15. What is Dinah instructed to do by Leah?
(a) Be kind to Rebecca
(b) Stay freinds with Taeba
(c) Respect the ways of her mothers
(d) Stay with Rebecca

Short Answer Questions

1. What theme is important to this chapter?

2. Why are Jacob's sons against the match?

3. Besides being the head of Mamre, what is Rebecca?

4. How does Shalem make Dinah his bride?

5. Who does Dinah specifically call out when she returns to her father's people?

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