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Anita Diamant
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Besides being the head of Mamre, what is Rebecca?
(a) a healer and oracle
(b) a mastermind
(c) a midwife
(d) a seer

2. Why does Dinah now hate the camp?
(a) She is annoyed with Joseph
(b) She is sick of her mothers nagging her
(c) It seems flithy compared to Rebecca's Mamre
(d) Her brothers tease her

3. Why does Dinah hate Rebecca?
(a) She is mean to Werenro
(b) She belittles Rachel
(c) Rebecca is cruel to Dinah
(d) Because she mistreats Taeba

4. Where does Dinah move to at the beginning of the chapter?
(a) Valley of the Kings
(b) Siwah
(c) Luxor
(d) Cario

5. Why has Benia tracked down Dinah?
(a) He wants her to become his wife
(b) He needs a good midwife to help with the delivery of a baby
(c) She owes him money
(d) Benia wishes to kill DInah

6. How does Shalem make Dinah his bride?
(a) He asks her father for her hand in marriage
(b) He sleeps with her
(c) He proposed marriage to her
(d) He carries her to the altar against her will

7. Why do Egyptians seek out the Cannanite woman named Dinah?
(a) They know she is the reason Shechum was destroyed
(b) Dinah is very beautiful
(c) They hear of her midwife expertise
(d) They learn she is the mother of Re-mose

8. Who discovers DInah's connection to Zafenat Paneh-ah?
(a) Sherry
(b) Benia
(c) Meryt
(d) Re-mose

9. Why does Re-nefer threaten Dinah?
(a) Because Dinah calls her baby by his birth name
(b) Dinah attempts to run away with her baby
(c) Dinah defies Re-nefer
(d) Dinah speaks badly about Re-nefer to Meryt

10. What theme is explored in this chapter as Dinah falls in love with Shalem?
(a) Remorse
(b) Sexual agency
(c) Young love
(d) Sexuality

11. Why is Dinah's pregnancy difficult?
(a) Dinah falls while pregnant
(b) She goes into childbirth unexpectedly
(c) Dinah is severly depressed
(d) The baby is turned in the wrong position in the womb

12. Why does Re-nefer decide to take Dinah in?
(a) She hopes Dinah is pregnant
(b) She wants to torture Dinah for the pain her family has caused
(c) She wants Dinah to repay her for her kindness
(d) She loves Dinah as a daughter-in-law

13. What becomes of Bilhah?
(a) She falls in love with Simon
(b) She disappears
(c) She stays with Jacob until he dies
(d) She dies in childbirth

14. Why do the mothers break Dinah's hymen?
(a) They believe it should be given to the earth and not a man
(b) They do not break her hymen
(c) They wish to take the pain away from Dinah's first sexual expereince
(d) They do not want DInah to be perceived as a virgin

15. What becomes of Leah?
(a) She falls out of favor with Jacob and is disowned by him
(b) She loses the use of her arms and legs and dies in pain
(c) She becomes bitter and regretful because she lost Dinah
(d) She commits sucide after Rachel dies.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is happening physically and mentally to Dinah?

2. Why does Dinah accompany Rachel to Shechum?

3. What does DInah do before she leaves her mothers, brothers, and fathers forever?

4. Why does Re-mose return to Dinah?

5. What happens when Dinah gets her period?

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