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Anita Diamant
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Zilpah?
(a) She leaves the camp to wonder by herself
(b) She becomes a great oracle
(c) She dies in childbirth
(d) She dies of fever

2. What happens to Dinah at the end of the chapter?
(a) The people of Shechum take Dinah prisoner
(b) She is carried away by Levi
(c) Dinah is killed in the massacre
(d) She refuses to leave Shalem's side

3. What does Dinah begin to take an interest in?
(a) nursing babies
(b) making clothes
(c) cooking
(d) being a midwife

4. What is Dinah instructed to do by Leah?
(a) Stay freinds with Taeba
(b) Stay with Rebecca
(c) Be kind to Rebecca
(d) Respect the ways of her mothers

5. In this chapter, how does DInah defy her mothers?
(a) She curses the ways of Mamre
(b) She refuses to pass on the ways of Mamre
(c) She does not come to their aid when they are sick
(d) She cuts off all contact with them

6. Why does Dinah now hate the camp?
(a) It seems flithy compared to Rebecca's Mamre
(b) Her brothers tease her
(c) She is annoyed with Joseph
(d) She is sick of her mothers nagging her

7. Upon her return to her father's camp, who is Dinah angry with?
(a) Rachel
(b) Jacob
(c) Leah
(d) Zilpah

8. Why is Dinah's pregnancy difficult?
(a) Dinah is severly depressed
(b) The baby is turned in the wrong position in the womb
(c) Dinah falls while pregnant
(d) She goes into childbirth unexpectedly

9. What does Dinah learn about her family when she speaks to Joseph?
(a) Joseph does not know what happened to the family
(b) Joseph wishes to forget the family also
(c) All of Dinah's mothers have died
(d) Jacob is still alive and his clan is still traveling

10. What has changed about Issac since Jacob last saw him?
(a) Issac has lost a leg
(b) Issac is now blind
(c) He has lost all of his hair
(d) He is dying

11. What does DInah do before she leaves her mothers, brothers, and fathers forever?
(a) She forgives her brothers
(b) She cries and hugs her mothers
(c) She hits Levi
(d) She curses the tribe of Jacob

12. What does Meryt become to DInah?
(a) A mother-like figure
(b) A lady's maid
(c) A sister
(d) An assistant

13. Why does Re-nefer decide to take Dinah in?
(a) She loves Dinah as a daughter-in-law
(b) She wants Dinah to repay her for her kindness
(c) She wants to torture Dinah for the pain her family has caused
(d) She hopes Dinah is pregnant

14. What does Dinah's admirer give her?
(a) a bracelet
(b) a ring
(c) a treasure box
(d) a jewelry box

15. What does Dinah dream of after the ritual?
(a) a cat
(b) a boar
(c) a big black animal in water
(d) a fish

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do the mothers break Dinah's hymen?

2. Why is Rebecca disappointed with herself at the beginning of My Story, Chapter 5?

3. Why does DInah continue to feel distant from her son?

4. Why is Jacob mad in My Story, Chapter 6?

5. Where does Dinah move to at the beginning of the chapter?

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