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Anita Diamant
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who stops Dinah from going back to Shechum?
(a) Her father forbids her to return
(b) Dinah's mothers
(c) Joseph begs Dinah to stay
(d) Levi and Simon threaten to kill her if she leaves

2. Why is Leah angry with Shalem?
(a) She thinks Rachel is the blame for allowing Dinah to meet Shalem
(b) She does not want Dinah to leave her
(c) She is enraged because Jacob does not request her opinion
(d) She believes her daughter has been taken advantage of

3. Why does Re-nefer threaten Dinah?
(a) Dinah speaks badly about Re-nefer to Meryt
(b) Dinah defies Re-nefer
(c) Dinah attempts to run away with her baby
(d) Because Dinah calls her baby by his birth name

4. Why is Jacob mad in My Story, Chapter 6?
(a) Dinah yells at her father and disrespects him
(b) His wives disobey him
(c) He has heard about their Red Tent rituals and disapproves
(d) Joesph ran away

5. Who is Rebecca furious with?
(a) Adath
(b) DInah
(c) Bilhah
(d) Taeba

6. In this chapter, how does DInah defy her mothers?
(a) She does not come to their aid when they are sick
(b) She curses the ways of Mamre
(c) She cuts off all contact with them
(d) She refuses to pass on the ways of Mamre

7. What does Jacob do that causes much drama to occur in his camp?
(a) He smashes his wives' idols
(b) Jacob falls in love with one of Esau's wives
(c) Jacob beats Dinah and Joseph
(d) He beats Leah and Rachel

8. Where does Re-mose go to school?
(a) Alexandria
(b) Memphis
(c) Cairo
(d) Giza

9. Why do Egyptians seek out the Cannanite woman named Dinah?
(a) Dinah is very beautiful
(b) They learn she is the mother of Re-mose
(c) They hear of her midwife expertise
(d) They know she is the reason Shechum was destroyed

10. What does Dinah's curse complete?
(a) The end of her mothers
(b) The demise of the house of Mamre
(c) The death of her old life in the tribe of Jacob
(d) The rule of Hamor

11. Why do the mothers break Dinah's hymen?
(a) They believe it should be given to the earth and not a man
(b) They do not want DInah to be perceived as a virgin
(c) They wish to take the pain away from Dinah's first sexual expereince
(d) They do not break her hymen

12. Why has Benia tracked down Dinah?
(a) She owes him money
(b) He wants her to become his wife
(c) He needs a good midwife to help with the delivery of a baby
(d) Benia wishes to kill DInah

13. Why is Dinah unhappy after the birth of her baby?
(a) She wishes Shalem was there
(b) The child is disfigured
(c) She has postpartum depression
(d) She is told she is no longer the mother of her child

14. What happens to Dinah at the end of the chapter?
(a) Dinah is killed in the massacre
(b) The people of Shechum take Dinah prisoner
(c) She refuses to leave Shalem's side
(d) She is carried away by Levi

15. Who does Dinah specifically call out when she returns to her father's people?
(a) Leah
(b) Simon and Levi
(c) Reuben
(d) Jacob

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Dinah meet in the marketplace?

2. Why is Dinah hopeful at the end of the chapter?

3. What does Meryt become to DInah?

4. What does Dinah name her baby?

5. What does Dinah begin to take an interest in?

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