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Anita Diamant
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Jacob hate Laban?
(a) Laban alienates those around him
(b) Laban is lazy and cruel.
(c) Laban abuses Ruti
(d) Laban tried to steal from Jacob

2. Who is Jacob's first wife?
(a) Leah
(b) Rachel
(c) Zilpah
(d) Dinah

3. What do Dinah and Jacob find near the lake?
(a) A bear
(b) A wolf
(c) A wild boar
(d) A fox

4. What else is Jacob allowed to take with him?
(a) All of Jacob's sons' belongings
(b) All of the above
(c) Zilpah and Bilhah's clothing and jewelry
(d) All of Leah and Rachel's possessions

5. Where can the story of Dinah be found?
(a) Spirits Book
(b) The Koran
(c) The Bible
(d) Kebra Negast

6. How did women of Dinah's time keep a log of their stories?
(a) They wrote them down in a journal.
(b) They told thier daughters their stories with the expectation they would pass them down.
(c) Sons who had a close relationship with their mothers passed the stories down.
(d) They published a book.

7. Why does Leah decide to have another baby?
(a) Rachel pressures her to have a baby
(b) Jacob insists that she have more children
(c) She desperately wants another boy
(d) Because Rachel foresees Leah having a girl

8. Who nurses Jacob for Rachel?
(a) Bilhah
(b) Ruti
(c) Leah
(d) Zilpah

9. What does Dinah realize about her father in this chapter?
(a) He is not kind to his wives
(b) He is a noble, kind-hearted person
(c) He is not kind to her
(d) She notices her father as a man

10. Why does Bilhah ask if she may have a child for Rachel in Rachel's name?
(a) Leah asks Bilhah to do so
(b) Bilhah wants to help Rachel through her miscarriages.
(c) Bilhah wishes to be cruel to Rachel
(d) Bilhah is in love with Jacob and secretly wanted to have his child.

11. Who does Reuben spend most of his time with?
(a) Bilhah
(b) Zilpah
(c) Dinah
(d) Tabea

12. How are Esau's wives different from Jacob's?
(a) Their way of dressing exposes skin
(b) They wear their hair differently
(c) They cook their food differently
(d) They do not celebrate in the Red Tent

13. Who is Dinah's mother?
(a) Leah
(b) Rachel
(c) Rebecca
(d) Zilpah

14. What do the sisters decide to steal from Laban?
(a) Crops
(b) Cows
(c) Household gods
(d) Sheep

15. How do the children find Ruti?
(a) Well
(b) Dead
(c) Tired
(d) Sick

Short Answer Questions

1. In My Mother's Stories, Chapter 3, How many sons does Jacob now have?

2. Where does Dinah spend most of her time before she gets her period?

3. What is Rebecca's home called?

4. Are women allowed to be a part of men's social circles?

5. Why is it special to have a girl baby?

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