The Red Tent Short Essay - Answer Key

Anita Diamant
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1. Is the story of Dinah very long? How was she mentioned?

No, in the Bible Dinah is only mentioned a couple of times. It is believed that she was raped by Shalem.

2. How does the story begin?

The story begins with DInah chastising the reader. She is angry that more attention has not been paid to her story. Because of this, the memories of her mother's rituals have been forgotten to many people especially other women.

3. What is another reason for Dinah's anger?

She is angry with herself for not telling the story of her mothers to other women. Because of her silence, her mothers' ways have been forgotten. Is was her duty as their only daughter to carry on their legacy.

4. What theme is introduced in this chapter, My Mother's Stories?

The theme of history is introduced in this chapter. It is interesting to Dinah that all written history is that of men and not women. Men rule the pages of history while women must pass their stories down from one daughter to the next.

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