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Anita Diamant
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Egypt, Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What occupation does Rachel take up?
(a) cook
(b) laundry washer
(c) farmer
(d) midwife

2. What becomes of Leah?
(a) She becomes bitter and regretful because she lost Dinah
(b) She loses the use of her arms and legs and dies in pain
(c) She commits sucide after Rachel dies.
(d) She falls out of favor with Jacob and is disowned by him

3. Why are many people scared of Leah?
(a) She practices witchcraft.
(b) She is very bossy.
(c) She can see the future.
(d) She has two different colored eyes.

4. Why is Rebecca furious?
(a) Rachel is very vain.
(b) Tabea did not spend time in the Red Tent during her period.
(c) Bilhah cries all the time
(d) Jacob has spent too much time away from his mother.

5. Who tricks Rachel out of wanting to marry Jacob?
(a) Leah
(b) Zilpah
(c) Laban
(d) Bilhah

Short Answer Questions

1. Who stops Dinah from going back to Shechum?

2. Why does Jacob take action against his wives?

3. What does Dinah's curse complete?

4. What happens when Dinah gets her period?

5. Who is sent to welcome the camp to Rebecca's home?

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