Daily Lessons for Teaching The Red Tent

Anita Diamant
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Lesson 1 (from Prologue)


The theme of creating a women's history is immediately introduced in the book. The objective of this lesson is to have students understand that history is created by those who have the power to write it.


1. For class discussion: Name some other groups of people (besides women) who have had their histories oppressed. Why have these groups been ignored? In our modern world, how can we change the way that our collective history is formed?

2. Have students break into teams of 2 and 3 people. Ask them to write their own histories of their lives. When they are finished, ask them what they omitted from their histories and why. How have they modified the truth?

3.For Discussion: Ask the students how the recent election of President Obama will change the way history is written and then viewed by subsequent generations.

4. For Homework: Sit down with your mother...

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