The Red Tent Fun Activities

Anita Diamant
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Rewrite a Passage from the Old Testament

If a Bible is available, read Dinah's story in Genesis. Rewrite Dinah's story in the style of Diamant's story. (Hint: Tell the story from Dinah's point of view)

Share your Mother's Stories

Think about stories your mother or aunts tell you. Be prepared to share the story in class. As a class, discuss how these stories have been translated in our modern times.


In order to review the many characters from the book, play hang man. Each student will take turns guessing the character based on the number of blank spaces and correct letters filled in. As the letters get filled in, talk about the character and her relationship to the character.

Map it Out!

Get a modern day map. Plot out the different settings in the book so you get a sense of the amount of land Jacob's tribe...

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