The Red Tent Character Descriptions

Anita Diamant
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Dinah - This character is born to women who have been waiting for the birth of someone to pass down their ways, stories, and rituals.

Leah - For most of this character's life, she had been ostracized because her eyes are different colors.

Rachel - This character is the most beautiful girl that many men have ever seen.

Bilhah - This character is extremely kind, loving, and sweet.

Zilpah - This character is an oracle and often has visions of the future.

Jacob - This character encounters Rachel at the well and instantly falls in love with her.

Joseph - This character works his way up to becoming a vizier to the Egyptian king.

Laban - This character is cruel, rude, and ruthless and has tried to push himself on his daughters, but is unsuccessful.

Shalem - When Jacob demands that all the men of Shechem get...

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