The Red Tent Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Anita Diamant
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• The Red Tent offers the Biblical character of Dinah to tell her story.

• Dinah is angry that her story has been forgotten by the reader.

• She emphasizes the importance of women and their right to pass their stories on from generation to generation.
• The prologue grips the reader's attention right away

• Dinah speaks directly to the reader in a clear tone

• She introduces the theme of history being told from men's point of view.

My Mother's Stories, Chapter 1

• Dinah calls all of her aunts her mothers. They are: Leah, Zilpah, Rachel, and Bilhah.

• Leah is Dinah's birth mother. Zilpah wishes to be an oracle. Rachel is the most beautiful of Alban's daughters. Bilhah is the youngest daughter.

• Jacob visits and promises to marry Rachel, but is refused marriage by Rachel's father. Jacob promises to work for Laban until Rachel is ready.

• Rachel has her first period and...

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