The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature Test | Mid-Book Test - Medium

Matt Ridley
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What gender contains all cytoplasmic genes?
(a) Hermaphrodites.
(b) Females.
(c) Males.
(d) Males and Females.

2. What can a psychiatrist expect to find in all people?
(a) Similar emotions and behaviors.
(b) Extreme emotions and rational behaviors.
(c) No similarities in emotions.
(d) Psychopathic behavior.

3. What is the only way to understand why evolution is the way it is?
(a) To ignore its history.
(b) Study creationists theories.
(c) Study the twists and turns of the evolutionary story.
(d) To negate human nature.

4. How do organisms compete during evolution?
(a) They kill their prey to ensure their survivors.
(b) They compete with each other to pass down more genes to the next generation.
(c) They try to kill one another so that they might live.
(d) They kill their prey and one another to be the last person standing.

5. What do scientists want to discover about genetic mixing?
(a) Why genetic mixing is better than cloning oneself.
(b) How to make genetic mixing affordable.
(c) How to make genetic mixing more reliable.
(d) Why cloning is more successful than genetic mixing.

Short Answer Questions

1. Ever since _____________ in the late 19th century, scientists have understood that all life forms are a product of biological evolution.

2. From a biologist's point of view, sexual reproduction is more _________ than asexual reproduction.

3. Due to the ________________, traits that increase reproductive successes will spread and those that do not will expire.

4. What type of civilization do the New Guinea tribes have?

5. What happens if a virus attacks a population of clones?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain the story of the fisherman.

2. What is the tangled bank theory?

3. What did Freud believe concerning incest?

4. Who changed the discussions concerning evolution after the 19th century?

5. What do women prefer to be?

6. What does the sexy sons theory say?

7. What do studies on the pine mole show about the differences between male and female pine mole minds?

8. How do sperm sometimes kill the egg?

9. Unfortunately, what is very common in many primate groups?

10. What is a bdelloid rotifer?

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