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Matt Ridley
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Specifically, what did these rules mandate?
(a) To make having multiple wives legal.
(b) People were given divorces if they were unhappy.
(c) Prevent sex and divorce among the upper class.
(d) The people must live with their many wives and support them.

2. What was a natural human situation in many early societies?
(a) Biological selection.
(b) Polygamy.
(c) Monogamy.
(d) Natural selection.

3. Why does the author think that there is now so much monogamy in humans?
(a) It is easier to be in a relationship with one person.
(b) It is much less expensive.
(c) Man's competitor in the sexual arms race (women) want it.
(d) Males and females want to focus on one set of children.

4. Which type of women are the most attractive to men?
(a) Kinder women.
(b) Taller women.
(c) Thinner women.
(d) Fatter women.

5. What do apes and humans both prefer over being bored?
(a) Intelligence.
(b) Eating.
(c) Providing for their mates.
(d) Entertainmant.

6. Chapter 9 begins with __________.
(a) A mistaken identity.
(b) The potential genetic basis of homosexuality.
(c) A dissertation concerning new ideas.
(d) A discussion between morals.

7. What do humans living in groups need to be able to tell about individuals in the group?
(a) If the group is healthy and functional.
(b) When someone is telling the truth.
(c) When one group member is cheating or breaking the rules
(d) If someone has ill feelings toward someone else.

8. New evidence suggests that much of human learning is developed through __________.
(a) Natural ability.
(b) Experiences.
(c) Instincts.
(d) Mistakes.

9. Humans tend to be natural _________ who are able to predict and read the intentions of other people fairly easily.
(a) Gathers.
(b) Emotionalists.
(c) Hunters.
(d) Psychologists.

10. What type of success does evolution care about?
(a) Sexual rather than survival success.
(b) Biological evolution.
(c) Survival success.
(d) Natural selection.

11. Children who are raised together usually___________.
(a) Have a .chaotic relationship.
(b) Have a propensity for incest.
(c) Have a competitive spirit.
(d) Have an aversion to incest.

12. What is most male to male battle over in tribes?
(a) Money.
(b) Women.
(c) Food.
(d) Land.

13. When was polygamy stamped out?
(a) When women protested it.
(b) The people demanded it.
(c) Religion decided it wanted exclusive marriage.
(d) As governments solidified the institution of marriage.

14. How did males evolve?
(a) Waiting for females.
(b) Alone.
(c) Simultaneously with females.
(d) With much difficulty.

15. If a male misses the change of his brain in the womb, what happens to him?
(a) He is more feminine.
(b) He is too masculine.
(c) He is bisexual.
(d) He is homosexual.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who suggested the idea that language acquisition is partly the result of an innate or genetically acquired ability to learn grammar?

2. From this, what seems clear?

3. What accusation does the author make against women?

4. Our notions of beauty do not seem to be _________.

5. Who directly advocated for polygamy in early societies?

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