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Matt Ridley
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are female chimps extremely promiscuous in large social groups?
(a) It is part of choosing the most ideal mate.
(b) They enjoy sex.
(c) They want to have many father options.
(d) Males will not know which child is his, so he will protect all of them.

2. Men and women behave and perform certain roles in every _______ and _____.
(a) Country; culture.
(b) Culture; society.
(c) Society; culture.
(d) Culture; country.

3. Why do women prefer more intelligent men?
(a) They can be funny.
(b) They are less intimidating.
(c) They make more money.
(d) They are less boring.

4. What accusation does the author make against women?
(a) They hate seeing men happy.
(b) They enjoy adulterous affairs.
(c) They like making men's lives difficult.
(d) They wish to spend all of a man's money.

5. What is a powerful force that is influenced by and influences evolution?
(a) Culture.
(b) Religion.
(c) Sexual attraction.
(d) Individual thoughts.

6. How do males fantasize?
(a) They only think about one woman.
(b) They think of several women.
(c) They do not fantasize.
(d) They concentrate on the sexual act itself.

7. Why do women like taller men?
(a) Taller men are stronger.
(b) Taller men are more athletic.
(c) Taller men enhance the woman's femininity.
(d) Taller men can better protect them.

8. From this, what seems clear?
(a) The minds of women and men are unequal.
(b) Men and women have the same minds.
(c) Men and women should not think they have equal minds.
(d) Men and women must have different minds.

9. The author believes that biological evolution and our environments _____________.
(a) Cannot possibly ever work together.
(b) Are in constant competition.
(c) Are not compareable.
(d) Work together to change us.

10. In many tribes, __________ of the population have lost family members to murder.
(a) One half.
(b) One third.
(c) Three fourths.
(d) Two thirds.

11. Why do women need men?
(a) To be lifetime partners.
(b) To continue making children.
(c) To help raise and provide for their children.
(d) To educate their children.

12. Throughout history, what has been a great reward for a leader?
(a) More ability to bring in food.
(b) More land.
(c) More women to mate with.
(d) Subjects that behave well.

13. When was polygamy stamped out?
(a) The people demanded it.
(b) When women protested it.
(c) Religion decided it wanted exclusive marriage.
(d) As governments solidified the institution of marriage.

14. "The first is that all of human behavior is ______ and hence, biological evolution will have little effect on the next generation."
(a) Understood.
(b) Practiced.
(c) Learned.
(d) Regrettable.

15. Are there strong taboos against cousin marriage?
(a) No, because cousins are not closely related.
(b) Yes, but it depends on the culture.
(c) Yes, because cousins are too close.
(d) Less harsh taboos because cousins are not raised together.

Short Answer Questions

1. Of the following options, what do humans do best?

2. Homosexual men tend to be like __________ men and lesbians tend to be more like _______ women.

3. Females are ______ more likely to have the right kind of orgasm and to become impregnated when unfaithful.

4. What animals are only interested in exclusive fidelity?

5. Men seem to have an insatiable desire for this.

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