The Red Pyramid Test | Final Test - Medium

Rick Riordan
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Carter have to sleep after his battle?
(a) To heal his wounds.
(b) All of these.
(c) To regain strength.
(d) To get direction.

2. Where does Thoth send Sadie to prove what he needs to see before he will help her?
(a) Graceland.
(b) Hollywood.
(c) Disneyland.
(d) Dollyworld.

3. What does Zia demand if she tells Sadie Set's secret name?
(a) To wipe her memory.
(b) To write it in the book.
(c) To use it on Amos.
(d) To keep it hidden.

4. What does Anubis say the feather might do to Sadie?
(a) Age her.
(b) Change her.
(c) Confuse her.
(d) Burn her.

5. Why does Set toss Zia to the floor in the pyramid?
(a) He knows she knows his name.
(b) He hates her.
(c) He can't sense divine power.
(d) He feels betrayed by her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who follows Set out of the pyramid?

2. Where does Geb tell Sadie to go next after getting Nut's letter?

3. Who gives Sadie healing medicine after the fight with Sobek?

4. How long has Zia's magic been missing when it returns in the pyramid?

5. Who does Isis say must become the next Pharaoh?

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