Objects & Places from The Red Pyramid

Rick Riordan
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British Museum

Julius Kane takes his children here on Christmas Eve.

Brooklyn, New York

Amos Kane takes his nephew and niece to their family mansion here.

Hall of Ages

Zia leads Carter and Sadie through this on their way to meet Chief Lector Iskandar.

First Nome

This is the oldest branch of the House of Life and the headquarters for all magicians.


Zia leads Carter and Sadie to this in order to test their magical abilities.


Carter and Sadie escape to here when Desjardins orders their deaths.

Cleopatra's Needle

This is a large obelisk where Ruby Kane.

Washington, DC

Sadie transports the red pyramid and everyone inside it here.

Memphis, Tennessee

At Nut's suggestion, Carter, Sadie and Bast take an airplane to here to visit Thoth.


To test the Kane children, Thoth sends them here where they are pursued by two magicians.


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