The Red Pyramid Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Rick Riordan
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Section 1: Chapters 1-3

• Carter tells the reader to listen closely as he and his sister may be their only hope.

• On Christmas Eve, Carter and his father go to London to visit Carter's sister Sadie. They only get to see her twice a year. She lives with her grandparents.

• Carter sees his father talking with a man in a trench coat names Amos. Amos is there to warn Julius that he is being followed.

• Julius stops at Cleopatra's eye where his wife died. He tells the children of her death, and asks if Sadie has her cat and amulet and if Carter still has his amulet.

• They see two people in Egyptian clothing, and Julius takes Carter and Sadie to a museum where he uses a stick on the Rosetta Stone, causing an explosion.

• Carter remembers seeing his father talking to a fiery man who says he has...

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