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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Edward sitting that evening?
(a) Outside Buckinham Palace.
(b) Outside Canterbury.
(c) Outside Westminster Abbey.
(d) Inside his bedroom at the castle.

2. What does the old man tell Miles about Edward's whereabouts?
(a) He has gone on an errand.
(b) Edward left with two ruffians.
(c) He has never seen Edward.
(d) He left in the early evening before for London.

3. Who becomes a source of information for Miles while Miles is being detained?
(a) Andrew Henlon.
(b) Sir Robert Blake.
(c) Miles' former nurse.
(d) Blake Andrews.

4. Who threw the old man in the hut out of London?
(a) John IV.
(b) Henry VIII.
(c) The archbishop of Canterbury.
(d) Henry II.

5. Tom's mother knows who he is because ____________.
(a) He embraces her and whispers in her ear.
(b) She recognizes the scar over his eye.
(c) He instinctively puts his hands to his eyes.
(d) He calls out to her.

6. What do the guards find on Miles when they arrest him?
(a) The letter Edward wrote in several languages.
(b) A picture of Miles at his country estate.
(c) A letter from Hugh to Sir Marlow.
(d) The letter Edward wrote in royal code.

7. Who sees Miles outside the palace?
(a) The whipping boy.
(b) Edward.
(c) Sir Drake.
(d) Sir Marlow.

8. Who is Sir Humphrey Marlow?
(a) Edward's guardian.
(b) Miles' former valet.
(c) Edward's tutor.
(d) Miles' friend at court.

9. What punishment does Hugh suggest for Edward?
(a) Six lashes.
(b) No food for 48 hours.
(c) Twenty lashes.
(d) Banishment.

10. What test does Hertford give Edward?
(a) Asks him a question in Latin, then in Greek.
(b) Asks him where the great seal can be found.
(c) Asks him a question about court etiquette.
(d) Asks him a question in Latin.

11. Tom reminds Edward of what event?
(a) Climbing out of the castle.
(b) Losing the great seal.
(c) Edward had put the seal away just before leaving in Tom's rags.
(d) Asking about the great seal's origin.

12. What does Miles want from Sir Marlow?
(a) For Marlow to arrange an audience with the king.
(b) For Marlow to take Edward under his wing.
(c) For Marlow to plead his case with Hugh.
(d) For Marlow to visit Edward.

13. Who says he does not recognize Miles?
(a) Miles' father.
(b) Miles' old nanny.
(c) Miles' butler.
(d) Hugh.

14. Why is Edward relieved?
(a) The farmer offers Edward a large breakfast.
(b) The farmer will take him to London.
(c) He survived the night in the cold barn.
(d) He is believed when he says he is the King.

15. How does Miles end up in front of the king?
(a) The officer recognizes Miles.
(b) The officer takes the letter to the king.
(c) The chamberlain recognizes Miles.
(d) He forces his way in.

Short Answer Questions

1. With whom is Edward traveling?

2. What does Edward decide to write?

3. Who is Arthur?

4. Mile's younger brother says that he received ______________.

5. Who wins the fight between Hugo and Edward?

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