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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who flees overseas?
(a) Hugh.
(b) Toffler.
(c) Miles.
(d) Tom Canty's father.

2. What does Miles say about Hugo?
(a) Hugo deserves Mary as his wife.
(b) Hugo is an illegitimate son.
(c) Hugo has been a good steward.
(d) Hugo wrote the letter that said Miles was dead.

3. Why is Edward relieved?
(a) The farmer will take him to London.
(b) He survived the night in the cold barn.
(c) He is believed when he says he is the King.
(d) The farmer offers Edward a large breakfast.

4. What test does Hertford give Edward?
(a) Asks him a question about court etiquette.
(b) Asks him a question in Latin.
(c) Asks him a question in Latin, then in Greek.
(d) Asks him where the great seal can be found.

5. How long is Edward's rule?
(a) A year.
(b) Forty-two years.
(c) Five months.
(d) Several decades.

6. Who encourages Tom to smile?
(a) The Duke of Wellington.
(b) Miles.
(c) Hertford.
(d) Edward.

7. The custom for the soon-to-be-crowned king is ________________.
(a) To wear a veil until his crowning.
(b) To get off his horse and meet the commoners.
(c) To give several prisoners pardons.
(d) To throw coins to the crowds.

8. Where do Miles and Edward travel?
(a) To Buckingham Palace.
(b) To Hendon Hall.
(c) To Hogshead.
(d) To Westminister Abby.

9. Who is Arthur?
(a) Mary's brother.
(b) Miles' youngest brother.
(c) Edith's brother.
(d) Miles' older brother.

10. What astonishes Edward after breakfast?
(a) The girls must milk cows and slaughter chickens.
(b) He is asked to do a number of chores.
(c) There are no sweets in the house.
(d) The barnyard animals are allowed in to eat the leftovers off the floor.

11. Why does Edward confront the officer in charge of Miles?
(a) Someone hits Miles with an egg.
(b) Edward wishes for Miles to be released.
(c) Edward wants a ride to London.
(d) Edward is appalled at the burning deaths of Baptists.

12. What punishment does Miles receive at the trial?
(a) To formally recognize Hugh.
(b) To go to prison for a year and a day.
(c) To be exiled.
(d) To sit in the pillory for two hours.

13. Who says he does not recognize Miles?
(a) Miles' father.
(b) Miles' old nanny.
(c) Miles' butler.
(d) Hugh.

14. Who arrives just as Edward throws down a bundle Hugo has stolen?
(a) The king's guard.
(b) The magister.
(c) Miles.
(d) A monk.

15. Why doesn't Edward command the family to stand while he is eating?
(a) He is not there in his official role.
(b) They are already seated.
(c) They have been kind to him.
(d) He is afraid they will kill him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is arriving at the farm as Edward is leaving?

2. What happens when the farmer's wife leaves the kitchen and tells Edward to cook breakfast?

3. Who sees Miles outside the palace?

4. What makes the bundle that was stolen valuable?

5. Hugo and Edward fight with ____________.

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