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Tom Canty and Edward Tudor were born in this city.

Offal Court

This location is at the end of Pudding Lane in a very poor part of London.


This is the palace where King Henry VIII lives with Edward Tudor, his son.

London Bridge

This crosses the Thames, and it is not far from Offal Court.

The Thames

This is the river that flows through London. .

Hendon Hall

This is the ancestral home of Miles Hendon.

Christ's Church

This is the ancient Grey Friars' Church in London that was taken from monks by Henry VIII.


Sometimes, Tom goes to the fair in this village.


Tom saw four people who were accused of witchcraft burned at the stake in this village.

Charing Village

This is the lovely place which Tom finds while walking to Westminster.


Hugo and John Canty go toward this village while...

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