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Chapters 1-3

• In the middle 1500's Tom Canty, a child of poor parents who do not want him, is born. At the same time Edward Tudor the Prince of Wales is born.

• Tom lives with his family in a shack in the poor section of town called Offal Court with his 15 year old twin sisters, mother, father, and grandmother.

• Tom begs. He is beaten by his father often for not bringing in enough money. A priest teaches him to read, and Tom forms fantasies of princes and court.

• Tom speaks in the flowery language of princes and forms a mock court with his friends. He has an intense desire to see the real prince.
• Tom wakes one morning from a dream about meeting the real prince and wanders the city, passing into the country without realizing it.

• He arrives at Westminster, the king's palace, and sees a...

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