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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the result of the headmistress’ efforts with the girls?

2. What does Mr. Lowther’s housekeeper find under his bed pillow?

3. What does Miss Brodie say about Hitler?

4. What does Monica Douglas’s husband do for a living?

5. What does Miss Brodie do on Sundays?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Miss Brodie question the girls about when they visit and what is she told about Rose?

2. Why does the headmistress divide the set and how does what she does work out for her?

3. What does Sandy say to Mr. Lloyd about his paintings and what is his response?

4. What do the Kerr sisters tell the headmistress about concerning Mr. Lowther?

5. What happens to Joyce Emily and why?

6. Where does Miss Brodie vacation in the school year 1932 – 1933 and what does she say when she returns from vacation?

7. What does Sandy admit to a young man who visits her, who places flowers on Miss Brodie’s grave and what does Sandy say to Monica Douglas about the betrayal of Miss Brodie?

8. What does Miss Brodie say to Sandy about Rose and Mr. Lloyd and what does Sandy realize when Miss Brodie says this?

9. What does Miss Brodie tell Sandy about being betrayed and what is Sandy’s reply?

10. What does Sandy see when she looks at Mr. Lloyd’s paintings?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie belongs to the literary fiction genre. Discuss the following:

Define the term "genre" and name three other genres in addition to the literary fiction. What are the advantages and disadvantages of assigning a genre to a novel? What do you think is the difference between a literary fiction and a historical novel or mystery?

Essay Topic 2

Oftentimes, a book has more of a character-driven plot rather than action driven, and oftentimes the other way. Some books seem to balance the two. Discuss the following:

What do you think it means to say that a plot is character driven or action driven? Which type of plot do you find more interesting? Why? Do you think it is possible to have a plot where action and character are developed to the same degree? Why or why not? What type of plot do you think The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie is? Explain your response.

Essay Topic 3

Miss Brodie defines education: "ex, out, and duco, I lead. . . . To [her] education is a leading out of what is already there in the pupil's soul." She insists that she draws out what is in her students and does not put ideas in their heads.

Discuss your opinion of Miss Brodie’s ideas on education. Do you think every student could learn with Miss Brodie’s teaching style? Do you think it is true Miss Brodie does not put ideas in her students’ heads? Why or why not? Use examples from your own life and The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie to support your answer.

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