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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Miss Brodie predict to Sandy about Rose?
(a) Rose will be a highly paid courtesan
(b) Rose will be a great actress some day
(c) Rose will have an affair with Mr. Lloyd
(d) Rose will take over her father’s business

2. At what career does Miss Brodie say Sandy would be good?
(a) An artist
(b) A politician
(c) A school principal
(d) A secret service agent

3. What did Eunice Gardiner end up being?
(a) A nurse
(b) A teacher
(c) A homemaker
(d) A lawyer

4. When does Miss Brodie visit Mr. Lowther?
(a) On Sunday afternoons
(b) On Saturdays
(c) On Friday nights
(d) On Thursdays

5. What does Mr. Lloyd do to Sandy after they kiss?
(a) Begins to paint a picture of Sandy
(b) Asks Sandy to have Rose come by that afternoon
(c) Compliments Sandy
(d) Insults Sandy

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sandy think of Mr. Lloyd’s paintings of Rose?

2. What does Sandy say Mr. Lloyd’s paintings reveal about the man?

3. What discourages Mr. Lloyd from giving up teaching and preparing an exhibition?

4. What does Miss Brodie say about Hitler?

5. What curriculum did one girl in the set take?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where does Miss Brodie vacation in the school year 1932 – 1933 and what does she say when she returns from vacation?

2. What happens to the set in the school year 1932 – 1933?

3. What particular interest does Miss Brodie take in what the Kerr sisters do for Mr. Lowther?

4. What does Sandy say to Mr. Lloyd about his paintings and what is his response?

5. What types of subjects do the girls take in the school year 1932 – 1933?

6. What do Sandy Stranger and Jenny Gray say about sex in their first year of senior school?

7. What does Miss Brodie tell Sandy about being betrayed and what is Sandy’s reply?

8. What does Miss Brodie say to Sandy about Rose and Mr. Lloyd and what does Sandy realize when Miss Brodie says this?

9. For what special circumstance does Miss Brodie chose Sandy and why?

10. What does Sandy think about Miss Brodie’s obsession with Mr. Lloyd?

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