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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what is Miss Jean Brodie most known?
(a) For being an Olympic athlete
(b) For being able to teach almost any subject
(c) For teaching unconventional subjects
(d) For her father

2. When did Miss Brodie give the set a lesson about Hugh?
(a) Last year
(b) Two years ago
(c) Six years ago
(d) Five years ago

3. For what is Mary Macgregor known?
(a) For being an artist
(b) For being a silent lump who gets blamed for everything
(c) For being on the swimming team
(d) For being very, very wealthy

4. What do the girls mean they say Miss Brodie has her prime?
(a) Miss Brodie is an excellent teacher
(b) Miss Brodie is very young
(c) She has not had sex
(d) She has not been married

5. What does Miss Brodie say education is?
(a) Changing a student’s mind
(b) Drawing out what is in a student
(c) Imparting wisdom to young people
(d) Telling the student how to think

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Monica Douglas see Miss Brodie doing?

2. How is Mary Macgregor going to die?

3. How long are Miss Brodie and Mr. Lowther absent from school?

4. In what does Miss Brodie take more interest in 1931?

5. How do Jenny and Sandy amuse themselves about Mr. Lowther?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Eunice decide to do when she is 39?

2. What does Sandy call the police officer and how does this officer enter into Sandy’s life?

3. What does Eunice tell her husband about Miss Brodie?

4. What happens when Miss Mackay approaches after Miss Brodie has told the history lesson and what does Miss Brodie say about it?

5. What does Mary Macgregor do right after World War II starts and how does she get along with her boyfriend? Do any patterns from your youth still occur?

6. Who are the girls at the beginning of Chapter 1?

7. What happens to Jenny in 1931 and why does she talk to a police officer?

8. Who is in Miss Brodie’s set and for what is each of them known?

9. What do Sandy and her guest think about concerning Mr. Lloyd?

10. What is the history lesson Miss Brodie gives the set that is told in the last part of the chapter?

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