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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the girls’ projects in sewing class get done?
(a) Their maids sew them
(b) The sewing teachers make them
(c) Each girl does her own project
(d) Miss Brodie sews them

2. What does Miss Gaunt’s brother do?
(a) He is a football coach
(b) He teaches history
(c) He is a minister
(d) He is a banker

3. Who does Miss Brodie tell about her attachment to two male teachers in the year from question 69?
(a) Rose Stanley
(b) Eunice Gardiner
(c) Mary Macgregor
(d) Sandy Stranger

4. When did Miss Brodie give the set a lesson about Hugh?
(a) Six years ago
(b) Five years ago
(c) Two years ago
(d) Last year

5. What does Mary Macgregor do right after World War II breaks out?
(a) Starts college
(b) Gets married
(c) Takes care of her ill mother
(d) Joins the Wrens

Short Answer Questions

1. For what is Monica Douglas known?

2. For what is Eunice Gardiner known?

3. Before what event/holiday was Hugh killed?

4. About what book does Sandy Stranger daydream?

5. How what does Mary Macgregor think when she looks back on her days in Miss Brodie’s class?

Short Essay Questions

1. With whom does Miss Brodie have an appointment and why is she not concerned about that appointment?

2. What does Eunice decide to do when she is 39?

3. What does Eunice tell her husband about Miss Brodie?

4. Where does Miss Brodie take her students for a walk in 1931 and what does Miss Brodie seem to not notice?

5. What does Mary Macgregor do right after World War II starts and how does she get along with her boyfriend? Do any patterns from your youth still occur?

6. Who notices changes in Rose and what do they think about those changes?

7. What did Monica Douglas see Miss Brodie doing and what happens with Miss Brodie and Mr. Lowther?

8. In what subject does Miss Brodie begin to take more interest and how does Miss Brodie get art supplies?

9. How do Jenny and Sandy amuse themselves concerning Miss Brodie?

10. Who are talking to the girls at the beginning of Chapter 1 and how can the girls be distinguished?

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