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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sandy Stranger think will happen if Sandy is nice to Mary Macgregor?
(a) It might give Mary more confidence
(b) It might impress Miss Brodie
(c) It could draw the group closer together
(d) It would break their group apart

2. What does Miss Brodie keep on the blackboard in case someone comes into the class?
(a) A long division problem
(b) A short quiz
(c) A famous sonnet
(d) A list of historical dates

3. Why have the girls of Brodie’s set stayed connected?
(a) They are all in the same class
(b) Their parents are all friends
(c) They are all friends of Brodie’s
(d) They all come from the same hometown

4. Who does Miss Brodie send out of art class for coughing?
(a) Mary Macgregor
(b) Jenny Gray
(c) Eunice Gardiner
(d) Sandy Stranger

5. What occurs with Miss Brodie during 1931?
(a) She becomes the focus of two male teachers
(b) She is promoted to assistant principal
(c) She starts a new Brodie set
(d) She gets married

6. For what is Monica Douglas known?
(a) Sewing
(b) For being charismatic
(c) Being a math expert
(d) Running

7. How is Miss Brodie’s set treated?
(a) They are ignored
(b) They are famous and ostracized
(c) No one knows who they are
(d) Everyone in the school likes them

8. For what was Mary Macgregor faulted when she was ten years old?
(a) For kicking the boy next door
(b) For failing arithmetic
(c) For spilling wax on her new dress
(d) For spilling ink

9. What happens when Miss Brodie and Mr. Lowther are gone from school?
(a) The Brodie set is disbanded
(b) They go to visit Mr. Lowther’s mother in London
(c) Nothing, they are in different places
(d) Miss Brodie and Mr. Lowther become lovers

10. Where does Sandy Stranger go to get her blouse cleaned?
(a) The science lab
(b) Home
(c) To Miss Brodie’s house
(d) To the housekeeper

11. How do the girls’ projects in sewing class get done?
(a) Their maids sew them
(b) Each girl does her own project
(c) Miss Brodie sews them
(d) The sewing teachers make them

12. What does Mary Macgregor’s new boyfriend do?
(a) Deserts her
(b) Moves in with her
(c) Takes her home to meet his parents
(d) Asks her to marry him

13. Where does Mr. Lowther live?
(a) With his brother
(b) In an apartment
(c) In a boarding house
(d) In his parents’ home

14. How does Miss Brodie feel towards Mussolini’s troops?
(a) Anger
(b) Indifference
(c) Admiration
(d) Curiosity

15. Who does Miss Brodie tell about her attachment to two male teachers in the year from question 69?
(a) Sandy Stranger
(b) Rose Stanley
(c) Eunice Gardiner
(d) Mary Macgregor

Short Answer Questions

1. How old are the girls when Chapter 1 begins?

2. What year is the most “sexual” year for the Brodie set?

3. When did Miss Brodie give the set a lesson about Hugh?

4. Where is the Brodie set’s school located?

5. In what year does Miss Brodie tell the set the story about Hugh?

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