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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what does Miss Brodie take more interest in 1931?
(a) Music classes
(b) Art classes
(c) Math classes
(d) History classes

2. How do the girls’ projects in sewing class get done?
(a) Their maids sew them
(b) The sewing teachers make them
(c) Each girl does her own project
(d) Miss Brodie sews them

3. What occurs with Miss Brodie during 1931?
(a) She is promoted to assistant principal
(b) She becomes the focus of two male teachers
(c) She gets married
(d) She starts a new Brodie set

4. Where does Sandy Stranger go to get her blouse cleaned?
(a) The science lab
(b) To Miss Brodie’s house
(c) To the housekeeper
(d) Home

5. What did Jenny and Sandy do with Miss Brodie on Sunday while the rest of the set sketched in their art pads?
(a) Had tea
(b) Played a set of tennis
(c) Played nine holes of golf
(d) Played music on the lawn

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Sandy Stranger and her friend review while having tea?

2. Where did Mary Macgregor die?

3. What happens to Jenny in 1931 that is unusual?

4. What is the year in which Chapter 1 begins?

5. Why have the girls of Brodie’s set stayed connected?

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