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Short Answer Questions

1. Who else arrives in Chapter 5 and takes part in Mrs. Stavrogin's conversation?

2. How many previous marriages has Stepan Verkhovensky had?

3. Why does Lisa approach Shatov?

4. In what way do Virginsky and Shatov resemble one another?

5. How does Peter plan to instigate his father?

Short Essay Questions

1. How are Stavrogin and Lisa getting along the morning after the night they spent together?

2. What do we know about the poem, A Noble Character?

3. What is Mrs. Stavrogin's response to Stepan Verkhovensky's letter to Peter about Dasha?

4. What stories and events are swirling in the aftermath of the confrontation that ended Part 1?

5. How does Stavrogin try to avoid the duel with Gaganov?

6. What happens to Stepan at the inn?

7. What business does Peter conduct with Kirilov in the raining cold of the night?

8. What does Peter ask his father after he (Peter) has recounted the story of Stavrogin and Miss Lebyatkin?

9. What injuries are inflicted during the duel?

10. What happens when Peter mentions that Stepan believes that Dasha has fallen into disrepute in Switzerland?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Following the allegory of the swine from Luke, are the demons cast out of the society of the novel? Are they cast out of Russian society by Dostoevsky's novel?

Essay Topic 2

Peter Verkhovensky exploits the blindness, weakness and gullibility of many characters as he works his wiles. Does the action of the book change any of those characters so that they are immune from Peter's machinations? Asked another way--is The Possessed a moral book that teaches a lesson, or a cynical book that teaches that there are no lessons, only different actors with different motivations?

Essay Topic 3

Is Shatov's wife's pregnancy a source of real hope in The Possessed, or is the hope undermined by her infidelity and Shatov's murder? Does the childbirth redeem anyone in the book?

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