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Short Answer Questions

1. With whom does Nicholas Stavrogin leave from his conversation with his mother?

2. What is Peter planning throughout Part II of The Possessed?

3. What has Peter Verkhovensky been doing in the week since the confrontations at Mrs. Stavrogin's house?

4. What happened to the money that Nicholas gives to Captain Lebyatkin for Mary?

5. What is Nicholas Stavrogin like as a military officer?

Short Essay Questions

1. How many people end up involved in the conversation between Mrs. Stavrogin and Shatov at the beginning of Chapter 3 in Part I?

2. What does Peter tell us about Nicholas Stavrogin's relationship with Miss Lebyatkin?

3. How does the first chapter of Part I end?

4. What stories and events are swirling in the aftermath of the confrontation that ended Part 1?

5. What does Mrs. Stavrogin find out about Nicholas' relationship with Mss Lebyatikin?

6. What is Shigalyov's new plan of social organization?

7. How does Peter feel about Shigalyov's plan?

8. What business does Peter conduct with Kirilov in the raining cold of the night?

9. Describe Mrs. Stavrogin's relationship with Verkhovensky.

10. What do we know about the poem, A Noble Character?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How is authority portrayed in The Possessed? What kinds of authority are there, and what are the limits of their power? Are any new roles with new authorities brought into being through the action of the novel?

Essay Topic 2

How are women depicted in The Possessed? Are they mere symbols of sexual attributes like desirability and innocence and seduction, or are they individuals with complex feelings and thoughts? How are they distinguished from the male characters, or are they treated as similarly-independent, self-reliant souls?

Essay Topic 3

Following the allegory of the swine from Luke, are the demons cast out of the society of the novel? Are they cast out of Russian society by Dostoevsky's novel?

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