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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which topic is on the schedule of events for the fête?
(a) Spirituality in modern life.
(b) Renaissance cathedrals.
(c) Modern agricultural techniques.
(d) The Sistine Madonna.

2. What event results in an investigation that discovers radical literature?
(a) An attack on a general's wife.
(b) A cholera outbreak at a factory.
(c) The publication of a radical poem.
(d) A flood in a mine.

3. What consequence does Stavrogin suffer after he is punched in the face?
(a) He comes down with an illness.
(b) He is unconscious for a week.
(c) He has to stay home while the bone sets.
(d) He needs surgery.

4. Who arrives when Peter has just finished relating the story of Nicholas' devotion to Miss Lebyatkin?
(a) Mary Lebyatkin.
(b) Nicholas.
(c) Shatov.
(d) Mrs. Stavrogin.

5. What is Stepan and Peter Verkhovensky's relationship like?
(a) They have become mortal enemies.
(b) They have been in touch as Peter traveled.
(c) They have been closer ever since Stepah fled to the provinces.
(d) They have been estranged.

Short Answer Questions

1. What rumors is Peter spreading in the days before the fête?

2. What happened to the money that Nicholas gives to Captain Lebyatkin for Mary?

3. Why has Gaganov been insulting Stavrogin?

4. Why does Lisa approach Shatov?

5. Who is Kirilov?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Shatov shows up to meet Peter and Erkel?

2. What is Kirilov's view of life, and how does Peter respond to it?

3. What effect do Julia Lembke's political activities have on Mr. Lembke?

4. What injuries are inflicted during the duel?

5. How does Stepan Verkhovensky react to having his house raided?

6. What is Gaganov's relationship with Stavrogin?

7. How are Stavrogin and Lisa getting along the morning after the night they spent together?

8. How does the first chapter of Part I end?

9. What business does Peter conduct with Kirilov in the raining cold of the night?

10. What is Peter planning with regard to Shatov?

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