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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Stepan ask of the police during the search?
(a) He demands the name of the officer in charge.
(b) He asks for a more thorough search.
(c) He asks for money as an inducement to help them.
(d) He asks for immunity if he testifies against Peter.

2. Who kills Shatov?
(a) Virginsky.
(b) Peter.
(c) Stavrogin.
(d) Liputin.

3. Whom does Stavrogin defend from Peter?
(a) Fedka.
(b) Virginsky.
(c) Captain Leybatkin.
(d) Shatov.

4. How long had Shatov's wife been gone before she returns?
(a) Three months.
(b) Three weeks.
(c) Three years.
(d) Three days.

5. Who is on the stage when Karminazov goes to speak?
(a) Captain Lebyatkin.
(b) Liputin.
(c) Shatov.
(d) Stepan Verkhovensky.

6. What is Peter Verkhovensky concerned about when he rushes out of Virginsky's house?
(a) An arrest warrant that has been issued for him.
(b) A letter that might expose the group.
(c) Getting his manuscript to the press in time for printing.
(d) A raid that is planned for his house.

7. What effect does the birth of Shatov's child have on him?
(a) It fills him with forgiveness for his wife's infidelity.
(b) It renews his commitment to revolutionary ideals.
(c) It fills him with dread for the world's sufferings.
(d) It renews his faith in God.

8. What crime is Fedka implicated in?
(a) Arson.
(b) Treason.
(c) Theft.
(d) Murder.

9. Russia's salvation seems to reside where, in Dostoevsky's opinion?
(a) In the Church.
(b) In the peasants.
(c) In the monarchy.
(d) In the radicals.

10. Where does Stepan Verkhovensky set off for after the fête?
(a) He is taking the train to St. Petersburg.
(b) He is walking across Russia.
(c) He is taking the train to Moscow.
(d) He is taking a coach back to Mrs. Stavrogin's.

11. Who kills Kirilov?
(a) Liputin.
(b) He kills himself.
(c) Shatov.
(d) Peter.

12. Which revolutionary dissociates himself from murder as a strategy?
(a) Shigalyov.
(b) Virginsky.
(c) Peter Verkhovensky.
(d) Shatov.

13. Why is Peter intent on killing Shatov?
(a) Out of love for Shatov's wife.
(b) From an insult years ago.
(c) Out of envy for Stepan's regard for Shatov.
(d) Because Shatov knows too much about his plans.

14. Who takes the stage after Stepan Verkhovensky?
(a) Liputin.
(b) A mad professor.
(c) Stavrogin.
(d) Julia Lembke.

15. What does Lisa overhear of Stavrogin's conversation with Peter?
(a) She hears that Stavrogin killed Mary and Captain Lebyatkin.
(b) She hears taht Peter killed Mary and Captain Lebyatkin.
(c) She hears that Fedka killed Mary and Captain Lebyatkin.
(d) She hears that Stavrogin knows who killed Mary and Captain Lebyatkin.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the police take from Peter Verkhovensky's house?

2. Which one of these characters is NOT in Peter's secret group?

3. What led to the release of the demons in Russia in the nineteenth century?

4. Who alone knows the purpose of the meeting at Virginsky's house?

5. Who shows up to talk with Shatov after Shatov's wife returns?

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