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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How are Mrs. Stavrogin's views changing as time goes on?
(a) She is becoming more fearful and reactionary.
(b) She is becoming more prophetic and visionary.
(c) She is becoming more reserved and conservative.
(d) She is becoming more utilitarian and modern.

2. How does Stavrogin respond to Kirilov's belief?
(a) He is convinced and converted to Kirilov's views.
(b) He debates Kirilov at length, because he things his belief is missing key points.
(c) He is ironic and disbelieving.
(d) He condescends to Kirilov, and treats him like a child.

3. What does Stepan think about marriage?
(a) He thinks it will corrupt him.
(b) He thinks it is an outdated institution.
(c) He thinks it is every man's duty.
(d) He misses being married.

4. What does Lebyatkin ask Lisa in a letter?
(a) He asks her to send the money she owes him.
(b) He asks her to marry him.
(c) He asks her to work for him in his house.
(d) He asks her for money.

5. Who is Lisa Tushin?
(a) A schoolmistress in St. Petersburg.
(b) A woman who had a relationship with Nicholas.
(c) A seamstress.
(d) A neighbor of Mrs. Stavrogin's.

6. How does Nicholas Stavrogin react to his demotion?
(a) He keeps fighting duels.
(b) He quits the army.
(c) He works his way back to his rank.
(d) His gambling gets even worse.

7. How many previous marriages has Stepan Verkhovensky had?
(a) Two.
(b) Three.
(c) Zero.
(d) One.

8. What is Mr. Lembke's professional background?
(a) He was a soldier before entering the government.
(b) He was a lawyer before becoming a politician.
(c) He was a novelist before he became a lawyer.
(d) He wrote a novel that was rejected by a magazine.

9. What is Gaganov's response to Kirilov?
(a) He refuses to accept the apology.
(b) He refuses the offer of money.
(c) He calls off the duel.
(d) He insults Kirilov and offered to duel with him as well.

10. How does Peter plan to instigate his father?
(a) He tries to seduce Dasha himself.
(b) He tells Mrs. Stavrogin lies about his father.
(c) He circulates rumors about Dasha.
(d) He tries to ruin Stavrogin's reputation.

11. Why did Nicholas initially take an interest in Captain Lebyatkin?
(a) He found his buffoonish behavior amusing.
(b) He wanted to help Peter's friends.
(c) He was impressed by his opulence.
(d) He found his poverty heartbreaking.

12. What rumors is Peter spreading in the days before the fête?
(a) That Stavrogin is a government spy.
(b) That Mrs. Lembke is an anarchist.
(c) That Mr. Lembke is having an affair.
(d) That Verkhovensky is a murderer.

13. What happened to the money that Nicholas gives to Captain Lebyatkin for Mary?
(a) The Captain got Mary the medication she needed.
(b) The Captain got a house for himself and his sister.
(c) The Captain spent it on drink.
(d) The Captain left Mary alone and went to Moscow.

14. Who is Shatov?
(a) A local official.
(b) A former student of Verkhovensky's.
(c) A local doctor.
(d) A banker from Moscow.

15. Why is Nicholas Stavrogin demoted?
(a) Because of insubordination.
(b) Because he stole from another officer.
(c) Because he fought a duel.
(d) Because of his gambling debts.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Stavrogin do when it is his turn to shoot?

2. Mrs. Lembke bestows her favors in spite of what?

3. Who has been in hiding for the week after the confrontations at Mrs. Stavrogin's?

4. Who else arrives in Chapter 5 and takes part in Mrs. Stavrogin's conversation?

5. What is Captain Lebyatkin's reputation?

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