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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part III, Chapter 7, Stepan Verkhovensky's Last Pilgrimage and Chapter 8, Conclusion.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do we learn from Stavrogin's confrontation with Shatov?
(a) That Mary Lebyatkin is Stavrogin's sister.
(b) That Stavrogin is married to Mary Lebyatkin.
(c) That Shatov is married to Lary Lebyatkin.
(d) That Mary Lebyatkin is Stavrogin's half-sister.

2. Why is Nicholas Stavrogin demoted?
(a) Because he stole from another officer.
(b) Because he fought a duel.
(c) Because of his gambling debts.
(d) Because of insubordination.

3. What led to the release of the demons in Russia in the nineteenth century?
(a) The invention of the railroad.
(b) Convulsions associated with modernization.
(c) The invention of the printing press.
(d) The publication of Darwin's Origin of Species.

4. Who do the townspeople believe killed Mary and Captain Lebyatkin?
(a) Liputin.
(b) Shatov.
(c) Stavrogin.
(d) Fedka.

5. Why is Peter intent on killing Shatov?
(a) Because Shatov knows too much about his plans.
(b) Out of envy for Stepan's regard for Shatov.
(c) Out of love for Shatov's wife.
(d) From an insult years ago.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Nicholas' first impression of Mary Lebyatkin?

2. Who does Peter leave Virginsky's house to meet?

3. How does the audience respond to Karminazov's reading?

4. Who is Mr. Lembke?

5. What happens to Stavrogin as the novel concludes?

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