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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part III, Chapter 3, The End of a Love Affair and Chapter 4, The Last Decision.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who carries out the raid on Peter's house?
(a) Stavrogin.
(b) Mr. Blum.
(c) Captain Lebyatkin.
(d) Fedka.

2. Why is Lisa Tushin killed?
(a) She is killed by the radicals, who want to get to Stavrogin.
(b) She is killed accidentally when her carriage turns over.
(c) The police convict her of the murder of Captain and Mary Lebyatkin and execute her.
(d) The townspeople blame her for the murder of Captain and Mary Lebyatkin.

3. What reason does the narrator have for visiting Lembke?
(a) He wants to know why he is being searched.
(b) He wants to arrange to get out of the country.
(c) He wants to prevent Stepan Verkhovensky from doing anything silly.
(d) He wants to testify against Peter Verkhovensky.

4. How many paces separate the two duelists?
(a) 12.
(b) 24.
(c) 30.
(d) 20

5. Who is on his way to visit at the end of the second chapter?
(a) Verkhovensky's father.
(b) Verkhovensky's son.
(c) Shatov's father.
(d) Stavrogin's father.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Peter plan to instigate his father?

2. Where were Captain Lebyatin and his sister living when Nicholas met them?

3. What does Kirilov say to Gaganov the morning before the duel?

4. What does Stavrogin do when it is his turn to shoot?

5. Where do Lisa and the man she meets rush off to after they meet?

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