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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part II, Chapter 5, Before the Fête and Chapter 6, Peter Verkhovensky is Busy.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose influence has Mr. Lembke come under?
(a) Mrs. Stavrogin's.
(b) His son's.
(c) Peter Verkhovensky's.
(d) His wife's.

2. What are Shatov's political views?
(a) He is extremely liberal.
(b) He is a staunch conservative.
(c) He is a radical agitator.
(d) He is not invested in politics.

3. What does Lebyatkin ask Lisa in a letter?
(a) He asks her to work for him in his house.
(b) He asks her for money.
(c) He asks her to send the money she owes him.
(d) He asks her to marry him.

4. What is Stepan's impression of the confrontation that took place at Mrs. Stavrogin's house?
(a) That Peter had planned it all along.
(b) That Mrs. Stavrogin had let her son have too much rein.
(c) That Stavrogin needed to be taken down.
(d) That Peter was out to assassinate people's characters.

5. What does Kirilov say to Gaganov the morning before the duel?
(a) He insults Gaganov.
(b) He offers Gaganov money to call off the duel.
(c) He repeats Stavrogin's apology.
(d) He threatens to alert the authorities about the duel.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Nicholas think of Mary Lebyatkin after he got to know her?

2. What is Verkhovensky's status in Moscow and St. Petersburg society?

3. What does Stepan think about marriage?

4. What has Peter Verkhovensky been doing in the week since the confrontations at Mrs. Stavrogin's house?

5. What would normally happen to youth who behave as these youth are behaving?

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