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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part II, Chapter 1, Night and Chapter 2, Night Continued.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What plan does Mrs. Stavrogin make for Verhovensky?
(a) She sends her Verkhovensky to get her son from prison.
(b) She asks him to tutor her son.
(c) She asks him to bring her son home.
(d) She asks him to marry Dasha.

2. What is Stepan Verkhovensky's employment?
(a) He is a local bureaucrat.
(b) He is a social researcher.
(c) He is an elected official.
(d) He tutors Mrs. Stavrogin's son.

3. Who has been in hiding for the week after the confrontations at Mrs. Stavrogin's?
(a) Liputin.
(b) Shatov and Nicholas Stavrogin.
(c) Mrs. Stavrogin.
(d) Captain Lebyatkin and his sister.

4. Who does Lebyatkin live with?
(a) Peter Verkhovensky.
(b) Virginsky.
(c) His sister, Shatov and Kirlov.
(d) Mrs. Stavrogin.

5. How does Stavrogin respond to Kirilov's belief?
(a) He condescends to Kirilov, and treats him like a child.
(b) He is ironic and disbelieving.
(c) He is convinced and converted to Kirilov's views.
(d) He debates Kirilov at length, because he things his belief is missing key points.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Chapter 5 begin?

2. How does Peter plan to instigate his father?

3. What does Stavrogin tell Peter he is planning to do?

4. How does Nicholas Stavrogin answer his mother's question?

5. Where is The Possessed set?

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