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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part II, Chapter 7, At Virginsky's and Chapter 8, Ivan the Crown-Prince.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Peter Verkhovensky concerned about when he rushes out of Virginsky's house?
(a) An arrest warrant that has been issued for him.
(b) Getting his manuscript to the press in time for printing.
(c) A letter that might expose the group.
(d) A raid that is planned for his house.

2. What does Liputin answer Stepan when Stepan asks him questions at their meeting?
(a) He tells Verkhovensky that Mrs. Stavrogin had tried to arrange for Nicholas to marry Dasha.
(b) He tells Verkhovensky that Mrs. Stavrogin asked him if he thought Nicholas was mad.
(c) He tells Verkhovensky that Mrs. Stavrogin had just been diagnosed with a fatal illness.
(d) He tells Verkhovensky that Mrs. Stavrogin had just paid all her son's gambling debts.

3. What does Stavrogin tell Peter he is planning to do?
(a) Propose to Lisa Tushin.
(b) Start an uprising.
(c) Leave for Paris.
(d) Divorce Mary Lebyatkin.

4. Who punches Nicholas Stavrogin in the face?
(a) Shatov.
(b) Peter Verkhovensky.
(c) Mrs. Stavrogin.
(d) Captain Lebyatkin.

5. Why does Stavrogin plan to duel Gaganov?
(a) Gaganov had been insulting Stavrogin.
(b) Gaganov had threatened to take Mary Lebyatkin away from Stavrogin.
(c) Gaganov's father had been an enemy of Stavrogin's father's.
(d) Gaganov had threatened to evict Mrs. Stavrogin from her estate.

Short Answer Questions

1. Mrs. Lembke bestows her favors in spite of what?

2. How are the youth of the town behaving at the time of the fête?

3. What does Stepan think about marriage?

4. What is Stepan's impression of the confrontation that took place at Mrs. Stavrogin's house?

5. How does Chapter 5 begin?

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