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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part II, Chapter 7, At Virginsky's and Chapter 8, Ivan the Crown-Prince.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What condition does Mrs. Lembke impose on people who want to come to her party?
(a) Guests must volunteer to subvert the rich.
(b) Guests must purchase a subscription to her new literary magazine.
(c) Guests must pledge loyalty to the Czar.
(d) Guests must read a radical essay by Peter Verkhovensky.

2. Mrs. Lembke bestows her favors in spite of what?
(a) The insults she receives from the local elite.
(b) Her ignorance of all diplomatic matters.
(c) The jokes the local writers make at her expense.
(d) The degeneration of the youths' behavior.

3. What happened to the money that Nicholas gives to Captain Lebyatkin for Mary?
(a) The Captain got Mary the medication she needed.
(b) The Captain got a house for himself and his sister.
(c) The Captain left Mary alone and went to Moscow.
(d) The Captain spent it on drink.

4. What causes Mrs. Stavrogin to separate with Stepan Verkhovensky?
(a) Stepan's radical views.
(b) Stepan's unconscionable behavior.
(c) Peter's antics about Dasha.
(d) Peter's insults.

5. What does Stavrogin tell Peter he is planning to do?
(a) Divorce Mary Lebyatkin.
(b) Propose to Lisa Tushin.
(c) Start an uprising.
(d) Leave for Paris.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose influence has Mr. Lembke come under?

2. Who does Peter leave Virginsky's house to meet?

3. What is Kirilov's involvement in Stavrogin's plan?

4. Who will be speaking at Mrs. Lembke's fête?

5. Who alone knows the purpose of the meeting at Virginsky's house?

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