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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part III, Chapter 1, The Fête, Part One and Chapter 2, The End of The Fête.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who punches Nicholas Stavrogin in the face?
(a) Mrs. Stavrogin.
(b) Captain Lebyatkin.
(c) Peter Verkhovensky.
(d) Shatov.

2. Who does the chief of police begin to arrest?
(a) The people who set fire to the hall.
(b) The people who complain about the lack of food.
(c) The people who disseminate radical literature.
(d) The people who bring alcohol into the fête.

3. How does the audience respond to Karminazov's reading?
(a) They weep at the beauty of it.
(b) They sing Karminazov's praises.
(c) They are bored.
(d) They begin to riot.

4. What condition does Mrs. Lembke impose on people who want to come to her party?
(a) Guests must read a radical essay by Peter Verkhovensky.
(b) Guests must pledge loyalty to the Czar.
(c) Guests must volunteer to subvert the rich.
(d) Guests must purchase a subscription to her new literary magazine.

5. What kind of poem does Liputin read to the crowd?
(a) A pastoral idyll.
(b) An obscene farce.
(c) A patriotic ode.
(d) A call for revolution.

Short Answer Questions

1. Mrs. Lembke bestows her favors in spite of what?

2. What does Peter ask his father in front of the group?

3. What did Nicholas think of Mary Lebyatkin after he got to know her?

4. What was Nicholas' first impression of Mary Lebyatkin?

5. Why was it a mistake to charge a high price for the fête?

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