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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 26-32.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long does Mimi have to prepare for her husband's leave?
(a) Forty-eight hours.
(b) Twenty-four hours.
(c) A whole weekend.
(d) A week.

2. What animal did the last of Hobie's decorators collect and add to his decor?
(a) Zebras.
(b) Turtles.
(c) Elephants.
(d) Giraffes.

3. What kind of horse does the narrator want to get?
(a) A cart horse.
(b) A black one.
(c) Just a little one.
(d) One with a blue eye.

4. According to "General Review of the Sex Situation," what is the biggest challenge that men and women face in their relationships?
(a) Couples do what others expect them to do, not what they want.
(b) Men and women do not talk openly with one another.
(c) Couples often marry too early.
(d) Men and women want completely different things.

5. What gift does the narrator give to the six soldiers as they leave?
(a) The rest of her pack of cigarettes.
(b) A flask of whiskey.
(c) A cigarette lighter.
(d) Twenty dollars.

Short Answer Questions

1. What causes the long period during which Raymond cannot go out to walk?

2. How old is Mr. Durant?

3. How long has the Old Gentleman lived with the Bains?

4. In "De Profundis," what kind of man does the narrator hope to find one day?

5. In the story "New York to Detroit," Why does Jack suggest that Jean write him a letter?

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