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Short Answer Questions

1. For Aristotle, a segment of the population is given what term?

2. Aristotle says that when the people are close to equal, the education system needs to be designed so that the ruled can do what?

3. Aristotle says that kings and tyrants are what?

4. Oligarchies, according to Aristotle, believe that inequalities of wealth indicate what?

5. Aristotle believes that something is greater in value than any possessions one might have. What is it?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Aristotle believe the relationship between virtue and prosperity is?

2. What does Aristotle think about the vulnerability of monarchies to tyranny?

3. What is the sign of a healthy state for Aristotle?

4. How does education support the government?

5. What is a representation issue where factions might occur?

6. Why does Aristotle think that musical education is essential to the development of a citizen?

7. What is a statement that describes the belief about equality in an oligarchy?

8. Why does Aristotle argue for the development of a spiritual character for each person?

9. According to Aristotle, how can a tyrannical move still be right?

10. What is a primary aspect of a tyrant's rule and how do they work to preserve their rule?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

According to Aristotle, what is the most important task of anyone in the role of "politician?" What are they supposed to do and how are they supposed to act? How is this linked to the purpose of the city-state? Support your answer with examples from Aristotle.

Essay Topic 2

According to Aristotle, what is tyranny? What are the three most prevalent forms of tyranny and how do they occur? What is their remedy? Support your answer using examples from Aristotle's text.

Essay Topic 3

What role does education have for Aristotle? What is its importance to justice, the city-state, and the individual? Support your answer with examples from the text.

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