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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Individual authority is a type of which rule?
(a) Democracy.
(b) Aristocracy.
(c) Republic.
(d) Tyranny.

2. Today, Aristotle's work is mainly reviewed where?
(a) High school.
(b) Law school.
(c) Colleges.
(d) Elementary school.

3. What is the method of acquisition involved in the accumulation of livestock animals?
(a) Livestock hoarding.
(b) Stock rearing.
(c) Livestock rearing.
(d) Stock hoarding.

4. Aristotle thinks that the craftsman who tries to make laws will do what?
(a) Make good laws.
(b) Make bad laws.
(c) Ask to be released.
(d) Not care about his duties.

5. Where was Aristotle a citizen of?
(a) Crete.
(b) Athens.
(c) Macedonia.
(d) Sparta.

6. Logging, gathering fruits, and using minerals are lumped under what term?
(a) Living poorly.
(b) Resource acquisition.
(c) Living off the land.
(d) Resource development.

7. Aristotle believes that a social safety net is necessary to provide relief but is not meant as a substitute for what?
(a) Working hard.
(b) Employment.
(c) Saving.
(d) Family.

8. Aristotle says that tyrants require what for protection?
(a) Bodyguards.
(b) A grand palace.
(c) High walls.
(d) Foreigners.

9. Phaleas of Chalcedon proposed that property should be divided how?
(a) According to familial needs.
(b) According to status in society.
(c) Rather evenly.
(d) Unevenly.

10. Spartan kings were generals and what?
(a) Religious leaders.
(b) Political leaders.
(c) Family leaders.
(d) Philosophical leaders.

11. The first introduction provides a look at the history of the book that is over how many pages?
(a) Fifty.
(b) Sixty.
(c) Thirty.
(d) Forty.

12. Aristotle proposed that no family should have more than how many times what the lowest family has?
(a) Seven times.
(b) Four times.
(c) Two times.
(d) Five times.

13. For Aristotle, what is the moment of transition between the level of organization in a government?
(a) When it moves between city-states.
(b) When it moves beyond the pair.
(c) When it moves beyond the household.
(d) When it moves beyond the village.

14. The second introduction helps readers to what?
(a) Know the history of Ancient Greece.
(b) Understand Aristotle's life.
(c) Know how to interpret the book.
(d) Get ready to read Aristotle.

15. When Aristotle explains the family, he does it with relation to what?
(a) The state.
(b) The village.
(c) The work done.
(d) The household.

Short Answer Questions

1. Aristotle divides the process of acquisition of goods into what number of means?

2. Aristotle is opposed to rule by what?

3. Aristotle says that some oligarchies can progress to what?

4. Who asked the question of whether a changed constitution does, or does not, indicate a change of state?

5. The text of Aristotle's politics is divided into what?

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