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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3, Book 3: Chapter 1, Citizens & Constitutions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Aristotle thinks the best kind of rulership is what?
(a) Permanent.
(b) Semi-permanent.
(c) Temporary.
(d) Periodic.

2. What type of governing system used judges and juries, with no fees associated with the dispensation of justice?
(a) Communacracy.
(b) Rule of law system.
(c) Democracy.
(d) Communism.

3. Aristotle gives what name to the people who own crops and livestock?
(a) Stock holders.
(b) Providers.
(c) Earners.
(d) Farmers.

4. Where was Aristotle a citizen of?
(a) Sparta.
(b) Athens.
(c) Macedonia.
(d) Crete.

5. There is an unconfirmed story that, at the time of his death, Aristotle's "Politics" was what?
(a) Unpublished.
(b) Burned.
(c) Buried with him.
(d) Sent to Alexandria.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Aristotle explains the family, he does it with relation to what?

2. A Sicilian who had a monopoly was forced out of Syracuse by whom?

3. Aristotle compares a constitution to what?

4. In Sparta, the military could not station men on what kind of land?

5. The second introduction helps readers to what?

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