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Marian Calabro
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Tamsen Donner women feel about the trip?
(a) She thought they would regret it.
(b) She thought it would be to their advantage.
(c) She thought it was going much better than expected.
(d) She braced herself for the harshness of it.

2. How long did the travelers expect to be in the Great Salt Lake Desert?
(a) 1 very long and hard day
(b) 3-4 days
(c) 14 days
(d) 7-8 days

3. What did the Donners find along the trail when the groups were split up?
(a) Reed's body
(b) The body of a man from Hastings' party
(c) Belongings from other wagon trains
(d) Berries

4. What did the travelers eat for lunch?
(a) Grits
(b) Bread and beef jerkey
(c) Fish
(d) Venison

5. What did the travelers do before they headed across the desert?
(a) They wrote letters to send back to their relatives.
(b) They rested for a few days in the beautiful valley.
(c) They prayed.
(d) They made hats to protect themselves from sand and sun.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the Hastings Cutoff trail like?

2. What is caching, according to the emigrants?

3. What was Reed going on to do?

4. How with the group feeling by the time they reached the shore of the Great Salt Lake?

5. Why did the travelers want to get to their destination by winter?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happened with Edward Breen?

2. What happened to the oxen during the six days it took to get through the desert?

3. What happened to the group as they reached near the summit of Sierra Nevada?

4. How did Virginia feel about her traveling clothes?

5. Why was Independence, Missouri so famous?

6. Why did Virginia's father choose to take his family to California?

7. Describe what would eventually become known as the Pioneer Palace Car.

8. What did the note that Hastings left tell the travelers? Was his statement valid?

9. What did the families do in the evenings?

10. Even though Hastings didn't meet them at the Fort, why did they continue to go on to take the Cutoff?

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