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1. Describe Abraham Rosenberg.

Abraham Rosenberg is ninety-one, paralyzed, strapped in a wheelchair, and hooked to oxygen. He nearly died from a stroke seven years ago. Even though he is on oxygen, he still writes his own opinions.

2. In Chapter 1, why could all the chaos of the demonstration be blamed on Rosenberg?

The demonstration and the accompanying chaos could be blamed on Rosenberg because of his controversial decisions. Most of the people are demonstrating because of him. The signs of the demonstrators which say things like, "Death to Rosenberg," "Retire Rosenberg," and "Cut off the Oxygen."

3. What is Rosenberg's ideology?

Rosenberg's ideology is simple: government over business, individuals over government, the environment over everything, and give the Indians whatever they want.

4. At the beginning of Chapter 1, why are things more tense than usual during the demonstration?

Things are more tense than usual during the demonstration because violence is more common. Abortion clinics are being bombed, and doctors had been attacked and beaten. One doctor was gagged, bound, and burned with acid. Street fights are weekly events. Churches and priests are being harassed by militant gays. White supremacists are becoming bolder in their actions against minorities.

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