Objects & Places from The Night Circus

Erin Morgenstern
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Le Cirque de Reves

This is an entertainment venue that is only open at night

The Wunschtraum Clock

This is a timepiece that is a highlight of the circus.

The Bonfire

This is the central energy source for the circus.

The Oak Tree

This is Bailey’s strongest tie to his home.

The Ice Garden

This is a gift from Marco to Celia and contains beautiful flowers made from frozen water.

The Cloud Maze

This is one of the most complex tents in the circus and is a place where Bailey, Poppet, and Widget get stuck for a time.

The Stargazer

This is a circus ride where guests get a beautiful view of the night sky.

The Tempering Spell

This is something Isobel creates to help balance the circus, but is destroyed when Isobel learns Marco loves Celia.

The Leather Bound Notebook

This is one method Marco uses...

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