The Night Circus Fun Activities

Erin Morgenstern
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Author Interview

Write ten questions that you would ask the author if you could interview her.


Write a story telling what you think Celia and Marco's lives were like before they met the magicians.

"The Night Circus" - The Movie

Imagine that you are the director of a movie based upon the novel. List the actors you would choose to play the main characters.

Magic Tricks

Research various magic tricks. Pick one that interests you. Practice it and then perform it in front of a group of your classmates.

The Clock

Create a series of sketches or a video that show the transformation the clock undergoes in a twenty-four hour time period.


Create a glossary of words used in the novel.


Marco created a special bonfire to mark midnight. Discuss with a group the ceremony that you would create to mark midnight at the circus...

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