The Night Circus Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Erin Morgenstern
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Essay Topic 1

Celia and Marco received very different magic training. What type of training did each child receive and how did that training seem to affect their personalities?

Essay Topic 2

Tsukiko and Celia are hired as some of the first performers for the circus. What is unique about each woman that makes Chandresh want to hire her, and how does he expect each woman to enhance and add to the atmosphere of the circus?

Essay Topic 3

The clockmaker who is instructed to create the circus clock is told to create a dream. In what ways is the clock both a real timepiece and a dream and how does the clock represent what the circus will become?

Essay Topic 4

The bonfire affects both Celia and Chandresh. How did the bonfire affect them both and why did it have that affect upon them?

Essay Topic 5

Celia collaborated as she made...

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