The Night Circus Character Descriptions

Erin Morgenstern
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Celia Bowen

This character is trained from a child in magic and is a beautiful young woman who is able to repair broken things and who becomes the illusionist at the circus.

Marco Alisdair

This character is selected to be one of opponents in a magical contest and becomes the assistant to the man who comes up with the idea of the circus.

Isobel Martin

This character is a tarot card reader for the circus.

Prospero the Entertainer/Hector Bowen

This character is a magician who becomes a ghost because of a failed experiment.

The Man in Grey/Mr. AH/Alexander

This character is a cold calculating person who raises a boy to be a magician.

Chandresh Christophe Lefevre

This character designs the circus and enjoys hosting lavish dinner parties that begin at midnight.


This character is from Concord, Massachusetts, and sees his first circus when he is...

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