The Night Circus Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Erin Morgenstern
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Part I: Unexpected Post to False Pretenses

• The circus arrives without warning or announcement.

• All of the tents are black and white, and they are arranged in circles.

• The circus is unusual in that it opens at nightfall and closes at dawn.

• Curious people line up before nightfall to attend the circus.

• As night falls, light come on and the circus’s name is revealed as “Le Cirque des Reves” or

“Circus of Dreams.”

• A five-year-old girl with an envelope pinned to her coat is left at the theater, where Prospero the Entertainer performs.

• The manager immediately realizes by the resemblance between the girl and Prospero that she must be his daughter.

• The manager ushers her into the office and has her wait for Prospero.

• When the magician sees the girl, he swears and takes the envelope from her coat.

• When he complains that her name, Celia, isn...

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