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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the narrator decide from the beginning that he will omit from his book?

2. What identity does Blue adopt for himself during his second conversation with Black?

3. In the narrator's recollection about second grade, to whom does Fanshawe give the present intended for the birthday boy?

4. Where does Blue go to watch Jackie Robinson play baseball?

5. How old is Sophie when she meets the narrator of The Locked Room?

Short Essay Questions

1. In The Locked Room, what is Sophie Fanshawe's condition when her husband goes missing? Describe the trajectory of her emotional reaction to his disappearance.

2. What initiates the argument between Sophie and the narrator at the end of Chapter 7? What is the status of their relationship when the narrator leaves for Paris?

3. When Black speaks to Blue about Walt Whitman, what two internal organs does he compare? What do these viscera have to do with the profession of writing?

4. When Blue first meets White in the novel Ghosts, what type of case does he think he is becoming involved in? What does he notice about White that makes him change his opinion?

5. During their second conversation, what is Black's response when Blue asks him if the man he watches knows he is being watched? How does Black justify his answer?

6. What is the person who comes to collect Blue's report at the Brooklyn Post Office wearing? What does Blue do when he sees this person?

7. When Blue receives his first payment from White, why is he surprised and then disappointed? What was he expecting?

8. What does Blue want to do when he thinks about the future Mrs. Blue? How does this make him realize that he is changing?

9. In the early period of the case, what two extreme attitudes does Blue experience? How does each of these extreme conditions make him feel?

10. What event does Blue leave out of his report that elicits a response from White? What is White's response and what conclusion does Blue draw from this?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Authorship and authority are major themes in City of Glass. Compare the role of Cid Hamete Benengeli in Don Quixote to the role of Quinn in City of Glass. How do these fictional sources reinforce the author's ethos in each case?

Essay Topic 2

Identity is a major theme throughout The New York Trilogy. Give one example where identity is confused or a new identity is assumed from each of the three stories. What does this confusion about identity imply about the author's view of reality?

Essay Topic 3

Throughout The New York Trilogy, there are allusions to Robinson Crusoe. Give an example from each of the three stories. What is the significance of this allusion? What is the relationship between isolation and writing?

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