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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Blue watch Black do every day?

2. What project does Stuart Green propose the narrator undertake?

3. On what occasion does the sexual relationship between the narrator and Sophie Fanshawe begin?

4. What is the impulse driving the narrator in Chapter 7 of The Locked Room?

5. Where does Blue go to watch Jackie Robinson play baseball?

Short Essay Questions

1. What aspects of Fanshawe's background could be considered possible liabilities on the ship? How does his background affect the way in which he is actually treated by his fellow shipmates?

2. About what aspect of Fanshawe's writing do Sophie and Fanshawe disagree? What is the compromise that Fanshawe offers her a few months before his disappearance?

3. What does Jane Fanshawe do after lunch? What does the narrator think motivates this act?

4. What project does Stuart Green commission from the narrator? What does Sophie suggest the narrator do to make the project more interesting?

5. During their second conversation, what is Black's response when Blue asks him if the man he watches knows he is being watched? How does Black justify his answer?

6. Why does the narrator struggle with showing Fanshawe's letter to Sophie? What does he do instead?

7. What is difficult for Blue about writing the monthly reports of Black's activities for White to read? What does he want to include in the reports to make them more truthful?

8. According to the narrator's recollection, why does Fanshawe give his birthday gift to Dennis Walden? What is the outcome and why is this incident significant for the narrator?

9. Which of Fanshawe's works does the narrator choose to show first to the editor? What is the editor's reaction to the work?

10. What does the narrator learn about Fanshawe through his interviews with Fanshawe's friends and family? What is he looking for that he does not find?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Maps are important objects in City of Glass. How are maps used in this story? What is the symbolic association between maps and exploration as it relates to the character of Stillman?

Essay Topic 2

Throughout The New York Trilogy, writers and detectives are constantly confused. Writers become detectives and detectives become writers and readers. Give two examples of this concept and then compare and contrast the two professions. How are language and action important in both?

Essay Topic 3

What is the importance of setting in the three novels that comprise The New York Trilogy? How is the city represented in each of the novels? What associations does New York have with writing and writers?

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