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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Ghosts, pgs. 211-232.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How are the two men resembling the photograph of Stillman distinguishable?
(a) They are of different heights.
(b) They are dressed differently.
(c) One of them has fewer wrinkles.
(d) One of them has brown hair.

2. What does Quinn purchase before leaving the luncheonette?
(a) A blue notebook.
(b) A magazine.
(c) A red notebook.
(d) A bag of potato chips.

3. What doubts does Quinn have about the letters from the maps?
(a) Quinn worries that he imagined the whole thing.
(b) Quinn worries that Stillman has seen him.
(c) Quinn worries that he is missing a letter.
(d) Quinn worries that he misspelled a word.

4. According to Stillman, what secret reference do the initials H.D. have?
(a) Heraclitus and Democritus.
(b) Humpty Dumpty.
(c) Henry David Thoreau.
(d) Henry Dark.

5. Where does the second meeting between Quinn and Stillman take place in Chapter 9?
(a) The Titanic Hotel.
(b) The Mayflower Cafe.
(c) The Santa Maria Cafe.
(d) The Pinta Hotel.

Short Answer Questions

1. During their second conversation, what does Black tell Blue that he does for a living?

2. What is the name of the persona that Stillman invents in his book in order to protect himself?

3. What is the woman's reaction to the conversation she has with Black in the restaurant?

4. Which historical figure was faced with the challenge of standing an egg on its end?

5. How does Blue enter Black's apartment while he is out?

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