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Lesson 1 (from City of Glass, Chapter 1-2)


City of Glass, Chapter 1-2.

These chapters make up the exposition of the story. This lesson will discuss the function of the exposition in general (Introduction of the setting, characters, plot/ conflict and themes) and analyze the elements of the exposition in this particular novel. The objective of this lesson is a study of the exposition.


1) Brainstorm: Write the word "exposition" in the center of the blackboard and have the students free-associate words related to the concept. Make sure that the terms setting, characters, plot or conflict and themes are mentioned.

2) Group Discussion: Assign each group one element of the exposition to discuss from City of Glass (setting, a character, the conflict, theme, etc) and ask one person to record the ideas. At the end of the discussion, one student from each group will share the group's ideas on that element. Where does the novel...

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