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City of Glass, Chapter 1-2

• In City of Glass, Quinn receives a phone call asking for Paul Auster of the Auster Detective Agency.

• Quinn reflects upon the nature of his work writing detective novels under the name of William Wilson, and the work of a private eye.

• Quinn misses a call while on the toilet.

• Quinn states that he is Paul Auster and agrees to meet with the caller the following day.
• Quinn prepares himself for the meeting and travels to the Stillman's apartment.

• Quinn meets Virginia Stillman, the client's wife, and Peter Stillman, the client.

• Peter Stillman reveals that he had been locked up for nine years in isolation by his father.

• Peter Stillman reveals that he is afraid that his father will kill him, and asks for Quinn's protection.

City of Glass, Chapter 3-5

• Quinn finishes his meeting with Peter Stillman and converses with Virginia Stillman...

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