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Peter F. Hamilton
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of a mission is Mzu on?
(a) Peace.
(b) Joy.
(c) Truth.
(d) Revenge.

2. What system does Erick's ship reach before it breaks down and falls apart on arrival?
(a) Nylan.
(b) Norton.
(c) Ngeuni.
(d) Niece.

3. Which kingdom wishes Confederation help in removing the possessed from Mortonridge on Ombey?
(a) Norton.
(b) Kiera.
(c) Kulu.
(d) Nyland.

4. The Neutronium Alchemist: Conflict, by Peter F. Hamilton is the _____ book in a six part series of science fiction books.
(a) Sixth.
(b) Fifth.
(c) First.
(d) Fourth.

5. Who is Shea in relationship to Prince Lambert?
(a) A mother.
(b) A cousin.
(c) A boyfriend.
(d) A girlfriend.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Quinn remove from the person/alien he kills on the Nyvan's asteroid?

2. In whose lab is Jacqueline Couteur, the possessed soul the Confederation Navy studying?

3. What does Endron take Louise, Genevieve and Fletcher to get to help them travel from Mar's Moon?

4. Who is Joshua's brother?

5. Who found the hidden bomb on Villeneuve's Revenge?

Short Essay Questions

1. As the book opens, why is Mzu on the asteroid?

2. What is the significance of the sun of Omuta to Mzu?

3. What does Erick realize about Duchamp when he is detaching the bomb?

4. How is the landscape of Valisk like Rubra?

5. How do the younger generation of the Garissan refugees differ from the older one?

6. While Rubra feels responsibility for the people he cares for and protects, are his motives altruistic?

7. How are the DeadKnights described in Chapter 1?

8. How does Kingsley blackmail Erick about Duchamp?

9. What does the Admiral feel that any war fought against Capone will create?

10. What motivates the possessed to help Capone?

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