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Peter F. Hamilton
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Richard Keaton's profession?
(a) He is a project manager.
(b) He is a security expert.
(c) He is a writer.
(d) He is a teacher.

2. What does the spaceship Beezling need to travel faster?
(a) Lightning.
(b) Support.
(c) Jump power.
(d) Fuel.

3. What is Jamrana?
(a) An asteroid.
(b) A voidhawk.
(c) A planet.
(d) A ship.

4. To what celestial entity is Rubra's power compared?
(a) The planet Mars.
(b) The Sun.
(c) The Earth.
(d) The Moon.

5. Who is Maynard Khanna?
(a) A science officer.
(b) A young girl.
(c) An old woman.
(d) A captain.

6. What does Mzu give Capone that makes Voi extremely angry about on Nyvan?
(a) Drugs.
(b) The Books.
(c) Amphetamines.
(d) The Alchemist.

7. What are the possessed at the hotel of Mzu, Lodi, Voi and Eriba victims of?
(a) Rape.
(b) Genocide.
(c) Violence.
(d) Arson.

8. To whom does Syrinx takes the information that Erick gave her?
(a) The Priest.
(b) The Artist.
(c) The Admiral.
(d) The Writer.

9. What kills Bonney?
(a) A loud bleep.
(b) A pod.
(c) A fusion bomb.
(d) A gun.

10. While Jay is playing with Hailie, what subject do they discuss at length?
(a) Nano technology.
(b) Religion.
(c) Patricide.
(d) The environment.

11. What does Rocio need that is available from habitats and some asteroid stations in order to stay alive after he is injured?
(a) Nutrient fluids.
(b) Passenger fuel.
(c) Special juices.
(d) Plasma energy.

12. What does Dariat put Tatiana and his body in before leaving the body to join his soul with the habitat's neural strata?
(a) A time pod.
(b) A priest pod.
(c) An escape pod.
(d) A space pod.

13. In what region of Nyvalan do Mzu, Lodi, Voi and Eriba reach when they encounter possessed at their hotel?
(a) Tonala.
(b) Norton.
(c) Leaventod.
(d) Brisket.

14. Baranovich contacts Mzu through an _________ to offer her freedom from possession in return for the Alchemist.
(a) American military official.
(b) Ad campaign.
(c) Agar sample.
(d) AV projector.

15. What is the God that Kelly and the Kiint are interested in that is part of a research project?
(a) Nylan.
(b) Tyrathca.
(c) Lieria.
(d) Jezebel.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Samuel and Monica arrive at Nyvan, what asteroid do they find has been given up to the possessed?

2. As the Organization ships close in, who launches the Alchemist at the gas giant, setting it to its most destructive capabilities?

3. Who does Baranovich throw to death from a walkway inside the foundry?

4. Who says goodbye to Sinon before he leaves for Ombey?

5. Where do the Capone ships move to avoid the crossfire as the Lady Mac goes into defensive position?

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