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Peter F. Hamilton
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To whom does Syrinx takes the information that Erick gave her?
(a) The Priest.
(b) The Writer.
(c) The Admiral.
(d) The Artist.

2. When the gas giant goes nova, where does the ship head to immediately after?
(a) Borton.
(b) Tranquility.
(c) Norton.
(d) Nylan.

3. Whose ship makes contact with the Mindor, a blackhawk turned hellhawk possessed by Rocio Condra?
(a) Deadhawk.
(b) Deadknight.
(c) Blackhawk.
(d) Hellhawk.

4. Whose daughter, Marie, is possessed by Kiera?
(a) Joshua.
(b) Quinn.
(c) Leif.
(d) Gerard.

5. As Baranovich prepares to attack Mzu in the foundry, who comes to her rescue?
(a) Liam.
(b) Gelai.
(c) Lodi.
(d) Mark.

6. Stephanie, her friends, and the children arrive at the town of _____ where the possessor Ekelund is gathering a force of possessed to combat.
(a) Tranquility.
(b) Saldana.
(c) Chainbridge.
(d) Nyvlan.

7. When Quinn reaches the asteroid connected to Earth via a tower, who does he kill?
(a) Ruda.
(b) Jezebel.
(c) Verna.
(d) Dwyer.

8. What do Dariat and Tatiana attach to themselves for buoyancy, and then jump down into the toilet that Rubra has broken and widened for them?
(a) Books.
(b) Cushions.
(c) Floats.
(d) Paper.

9. What is Sinon willing to become in order to help liberate Mortonridge?
(a) A sergeant.
(b) A pilot.
(c) A writer.
(d) A lighter.

10. What does Syrinx want to ambush Capone from attacking?
(a) Toi-hoi.
(b) Nylvan.
(c) Tranquility.
(d) Norton.

11. Where does Ralph go and see preparations being made for the massive combined effort to rid Mortonridge of the possessed?
(a) Rocio.
(b) Liest.
(c) Ombrey.
(d) Nylan.

12. In what region of Nyvalan do Mzu, Lodi, Voi and Eriba reach when they encounter possessed at their hotel?
(a) Norton.
(b) Tonala.
(c) Brisket.
(d) Leaventod.

13. What drive of Lady Mac is used to accelerate out of danger at forty-two gees?
(a) Fiery balls.
(b) Strong detergent.
(c) Antimatter.
(d) Liquid fuel.

14. What does Mzu give Capone that makes Voi extremely angry about on Nyvan?
(a) Amphetamines.
(b) Drugs.
(c) The Alchemist.
(d) The Books.

15. How does Rubra kill the possessed?
(a) By electrocution.
(b) By bullets.
(c) By poison.
(d) By stabbing.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who plans to bring eternal night to Nyvan by blowing up an asteroid?

2. Who rescues Monica from the possessed in the foundry?

3. Why does Jacqueline kill the other prisoners held by the Confederation army before the marines arrive?

4. What does Rubra jettison as Tatiana is rescued by the Edenist voidhawks?

5. What are the Urschel and the Raimo ships part of?

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