The Neutronium Alchemist Conflict Short Essay - Answer Key

Peter F. Hamilton
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1. How do the younger generation of the Garissan refugees differ from the older one?

The younger generation of the Garissan refugees differs in being more fiercely patriotic than their parents.

2. Why does the Alchemist pose a threat?

The Alchemist poses a threat because it is powerful, signifies doom, and can kill humanity.

3. As the book opens, why is Mzu on the asteroid?

As the book opens, Mzu is on the asteroid Ayacucho on her revenge mission.

4. What is the significance of the sun of Omuta to Mzu?

To Mzu, the sun of Omuta is important for destroying Mzu's home world.

5. Why does the younger generation fear the agencies looking for Mzu?

The younger generation fears the agencies looking for Mzu because they consider them threats to someone like them.

6. How are the DeadKnights described in Chapter 1?

The DeadKnights are younger kids who are isolated and feel part of a group through this separation.

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