Objects & Places from The Neutronium Alchemist Conflict

Peter F. Hamilton
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Laymil - This is an extinct alien race that once inhabited the same system as the independent environment ruled by Ione Saldana.

Tyrathca - This is an alien race that held an outpost on Lalonde.

Kiint - This is a highly enigmatic and advanced alien race inhabiting Jobis.

Habitat - The Edenists dwell in these living worlds that are grown using bitek technology.

Consensus - This is the mass consciousness and intelligence formed by the linked minds of every Edenist.

Affinity - This is the mind-link used by Edenists to share thoughts and emotions with each other.

Bitek - This is an Edenist technology based on genetic engineering that allows constructs to be grown for specific tasks.

Voidhawks - These are the living ships of the Edenists, bonded with their captains from birth.

Serjeants - These are bitek constructs created at the independent environment ruled by Ione...

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